What's the Best Workout for You? Take the Fitness Personality Quiz

What’s the Best Type of Workout for You? Take the Fitness Personality Quiz

Have you ever wondered how someone can spring out of bed at 6am to hit the gym, the pavement or a yoga class without so much as a yawn? The smile. The intensity. The dedication. It’s enough to make your eyes sore from rolling them so much. Maybe you’ve tried pumping iron, indoor cycling or HIIT and they weren’t for you.

But hear us out: If you can’t peel yourself off the couch, no matter what time of day it is to, get your blood pumping, but have a strong desire to reach your fitness goals, you may simply not know what type of workout is best for you. The most motivated fitness fanatics don’t see working out as a chore, but a feel-good hobby.

We’ve put together a fun 10-question quiz to help you determine which one best fits your fitness personality.

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