Taylor Swift's Epic Treadmill Fall

Taylor Swift’s Epic Treadmill Fall

Taylor Swift has forged an empire on her catchy music, #girlposse and quirky personality. Just when we thought we couldn’t possibly like her anymore, her recent ad for Apple Music, reminds us that T-Swift is, just like us.

While we don’t all show up to the gym perfectly styled head to toe and with freshly blown out hair and signature winged eyeliner. We do dread cardio day, plus who hasn’t had an epic #gymfail.

T-Swift starts out the video saying by saying, “man, I hate cardio.” And we totally get it. I mean, who doesn’t have “bad blood” with the treadmill from time to time. But, Taylor Swift proves that even the worst workout can be fun once your favorite song comes on.

Although the ad is clearly a joke, perfectly timed with April Fools Day, Swift claims on her Instagram that the video is “based on true events.”  So next time trip over you drop a dumbbell at the gym, or totally trip in front of the cute trainer just remember, you’re not alone.

What’s your biggest #gymfail? Leave your answer in the comment below!

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