5 Struggles Only Girls with a Squat-Booty Understand

5 Struggles Only Girls with a Squat-Booty Understand

In the fitness world, it is all about the booty!

We work hard, squatting and lunging and squatting some more, shaping our bums to perfection. You can tell the girls who squat by their backsides. The “squat booty,” as it is popularly termed, is the goal, the result every fit girl wants. But with a great booty comes great struggles. Here are five struggles only girls with a squat booty will understand.

1. Jeans are Your Worst Enemy

You have a few options: 1. Use the hop method to get them over your squat booty and hope they don’t rip on the way up. 2. Find a pair that nicely fits over your booty and buy belts to go with them because there is no way they will actually stay up on their own. 3. Take up sewing and create squat booty approved jeans – you’ll have a line of girls who squat at your door wanting you to make a pair for them too! Or 4. Stick with yoga pants. They compliment your already fabulous booty anyway!

2. Skirts and Dresses Show Off the Booty too much

If you buy a dress or a skirt you know you’re going to have to buy a pair of spandex shorts to go under it. They just don’t use enough material for girls with booty these days. If you wear a dress and you bend down to innocently fix your shoe, the next thing you know the world has seen a little more of your squat booty than they wanted.


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3. Thigh Gap is a like a Unicorn

You’ve heard of it, but a thigh gap is something you’ll never have. But you’re OK with that because, well, just look at that booty!

4. “Thick” Will Forever be Confusing

You’ve been called it, and you still aren’t quite sure what it means, and if it should be taken as a compliment or not. My advice? Take it as one. You’ve worked hard for that squat booty – work it, own it

5. Becky Always Looks at your Butt

“Oh my god, Becky, look at her butt…” – you’ve heard it one too many times. But you secretly love it – it means all those squats are paying off.

So for those of you who have worked hard for those squat booties and for those of you who are in the process, keep squatting – also try the 30 day thigh challenge for sexy thighs and well rounded legs! These struggles are worth having a nice, shapely, toned backside. We love girls that squat and girls with booty just like Ashley Graham!

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