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Sussing Out Snack Boxes

We’ve got the skinny on subscription snack boxes that help curb the midday munchies.

Working from home has its perks: I avoid Los Angeles’ 405 parking lot freeway every morning, enjoy a mid-day run, eat healthy lunches straight from my fridge and, most importantly, play ball on a whim with Louie, my Labradoodle.

Enter big, belly laugh here.

The reality is that I don’t know anyone working from home that has time for these things on a daily basis. Just for the record, if I’m taking a break during business hours to fetch anything, it’s a sleeve of Thin Mints. (Thank you, Girl Scouts of my neighborhood, who have helped make my sweats feel tighter than a showgirl’s leotard.)

Today’s women – whether working from home or in a corporate office – move at lightning speed, which means it’s easy to find yourself in front of the office vending machine buying a bag of Ruffles (giving yourself extra points if it’s baked!) or savoring the ear on a chocolate bunny left in your child’s Easter basket (guilty). The fact is, eating sugary, chemical-laden, high-in-fat snacks is inevitable, if you don’t plan wisely.

Thankfully, companies like Naturebox (@naturebox) show off the tasty – yet healthy – side to snacking with pre-planned, nutritionist-approved goodies sent straight to your home or office.

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