Perfecting the Deadlift in 5 Steps - How to Deadlift with Proper Form

Master Class: Perfecting The Deadlift in 5 Steps

how to deadlift

Whether you’re lifting to build muscle, lifting to burn fat or a combination of the two, deadlifts should be one of your go-tos in the weight room.

When it comes to resistance exercises, deadlifts top the list – they have the potential to substantially increase your levels of strength and conditioning (yes, they will tax your metabolic systems quite a bit); activate and strengthen the muscles of the posterior chain (which is a huge plus for any of you heel-wearing ladies, or anyone who’s packed around a baby or two for nine months); lastly, even though you may be hoisting some pretty impressive weight off the floor, the movement itself is joint-friendly.

Many women shy away from deadlifts for the simple fact that they are a rather intimidating exercise. While they may seem super technical, deadlifts are actually pretty simple and make a great foundational movement for more complex lifts. Perfecting the deadlift just takes practice and focus. Begin with low reps and lighter weights to avoid overwhelming your body on the first go – deadlifts are a very taxing exercise, especially if you have weak or imbalanced muscles on the back of your body. And now, without further ado, let’s master the deadlift.

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