5 Signs You May Need A New Workout Routine

5 Signs You May Need A New Workout Routine

Netflix or spin class?

If you chose the first option, it may be time for a new fitness regime.

Read our 5 signs below and don’t fall for monotone exercise.

  1. 9 to 5 Grind



A long day at the office definitely drains the body and mind. This may be affecting your exercising on a regular basis. Morning person? Get up a little earlier and go for a relaxing run before getting ready. Or if you prefer night workouts, treat yourself to an evening spin class. Once your career and fitness harmonize, you can commit to long-term wellness and #workgoals accordingly.

  1.  Negative Mindset


Halfway during your workout peak, the bad thoughts start coming. Suddenly, “can’t” instead of “can” becomes your reality and then it goes downhill from there. If you are doubting your fitness ability, you may need an alternative workout plan. Beating yourself up because you couldn’t bust out three miles on a run or complete a pilates class is not the way to go. Focus on your strengths instead and apply them to other types of exercise. You can do this!

  1. Lack of Results


Yes, we all dream of being physically flawless, but it doesn’t happen overnight. If you are not toning up or reaching your weight goals, it may be time to switch up your workout. Have you thought of a workout that combines cardio and strength (like the 30 day thigh challenge)? Barre is a great way to build up your core and torch calories. Consulting a certified personal trainer also isn’t a bad idea if you are concerned about long-term success.

  1. Setting


No sidewalks. Machine hoggers. Booked classes. If you are faced with one of these dilemmas, working out may seem torturous. You can’t control what may come your way, but you can change where you exercise. Can’t go outside? Join a gym. If you can’t get on the elliptical, find an express at-home workout. Consider a more flexible membership if group yoga is constantly full.  Read about these fitness apps to customize your workout routine.

  1. Sound


A kick-ass playlist is essential for your chill or cardio workout sesh. If the thought of listening to Bieber is killing you while you pound the pavement, try other genres like indie rock or deep house. For mellow exercise, ambient electronic may hit the sweet spot. If you makeover your music, you can improve your workout routine too.

Also see this 30 day ab challenge to change it up!

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