Should You Shower Every Day?

Should You Shower Every Day?

how-often-should-you-shower_graphicDo you shower every day? Many people don’t. Those who are more active on a daily basis might need to, but if you’re moderately active, don’t sweat excessively and take care of your hair and skin, you actually might not need to shower daily.

You might think that daily or, at least, frequent showers are essential to keep you fresh and clean, but showering every day has a lot more negative effects than benefits to your health. Here’s what happens when you shower every day.

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The more you shower, the more you dry out your hair and skin

Showering every day, especially if you have a tendency to take long, hot showers, can take a major toll on your hair and skin. When you take long showers or shower in extremely hot water, you remove the natural oils from your hair and skin that keep it moist and healthy.

To avoid drying out your hair and skin, keep your showers short, especially if you do need to shower every day (i.e., those who work out and sweat every single day). Keep the water at a relatively mild temperature as well. It is recommended that you only wash your hair about two times weekly. If your hair starts to look greasy, try using a dry shampoo.

You could be washing away essential bacteria

You are covered in bacteria. It’s good bacteria, to protect you. It acts as a shield between your skin and the outside world. Showering daily, however, has the potential to wash away that bacteria and expose your skin to harmful chemicals and “bad” bacteria. When you do wash, opt for a soap that has all natural ingredients.

A lot of water goes to waste when you take a shower

On average, a 10-minute shower uses about 50 gallons of water at five gallons used per minute of shower time. Honestly, who takes a 10-minute shower? You could potentially be wasting up to 100 gallons or more of water every single day just by taking a shower. That’s a lot of wasted water!

Start by skipping a day 

If you don’t need to shower every day, begin reducing the number you take per week. Try taking a shower every other day. You might be surprised at how easy it is to start showering less. Showering daily takes a lot of time. It isn’t just the time you spend showering, but how long it takes before and afterward.

Showering every day is not as essential as you may have thought. Over time, it can do more damage than good. You’ll save a lot of time, and even money, by cutting back on the number of showers you take per week. This is why products like deodorant, perfume, and dry shampoo exist, you know. You’ll be fine.

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