The Sexiest Sweet Potatoes On Instagram

The Sexiest Sweet Potatoes On Instagram

Move over avocado toast!

There has been major #foodporn all over Instagram lately, and whether it’s just a side effect of people trying out new and healthy recipes for the summer, or if we have just been obsessively following more foodie accounts (totally guilty) we have found some great food inspo for sweet potato fitness recipes.

The best thing about sweet potatoes, besides being great for your health, is their diversity in both taste and function. I mean HELLO you can make them into fries to indulge or you can bake them and put them in a salad for a healthy addition and a unique flavor.

So check out some of the most mouth-watering sweet potato fitness recipes and hopefully you will find a little extra food inspo for your next meal.

1. Sweet Potato Fries

First up the fries… We HAD to do these as one of the unhealthier indulgences. Remember, there are other alternative ways to cook fries to have your cheat day while trying to stay a little healthy.

2. Sweet Potato Toast

Sweet potato “toast”, probably the latest and greatest of the sweet potato fitness recipes trend and it totally has our mouths watering. Basically, you thinly slice a sweet potato and then load it up with different toppings.  The go-to is creating an avo toast but, as you can see, there are so many other topping options for your toast.  We have total food envy of this and can’t wait to make one of our own.

3. Stuffed Sweet Potato

Stuffed sweet potato is a great way to utilize leftovers like corn, beans or chicken and mix it up inside of a baked sweet potato. This is not only a great way to add other food groups and protein to your potato, but it also helps you avoid loading your potato with butter and cinnamon sugar.

4. Sweet Potato Pie

#burgessbrothersbbq #sweetpotatopie Baked fresh from our kitchen!!

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Sweet potato pie… yummm! This makes our mouths water and think about Thanksgiving dinner. But sweet potato pie can be for any season and is a total fan favorite.

5. Sweet Potato Hash

Skillet sweet potato hash! Photo by @forecasted_food. #putaneggonit

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Who said you can’t eat sweet potatoes for breakfast!? This sweet potato hash is a tasty and healthy option to eat with eggs in the morning. Plus it looks AMAZING.

6. Spiralized Sweet Potatoes

Annette bowl. For the adventuresome kiddos out there. #spiralizedsweetpotatoes #avocado #blackbeans #egg

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Pasta truly cannot compete with spiralized sweet potatoes.  As a great and healthier alternative to regular pasta, you can seriously spiralize ANYTHING and it all tastes wonderful.  Plus, now that spiralizing your favorite veggies is getting more popular there are so many great recipes online.

7. Sweet Potato Smoothie

And look, your sweet potatoes can even be made into a smoothie for a quick snack that you can bring on the go.

8. Sweet Potato Eggs Benedict

Add some sweet potato fitness recipes to your favorite breakfast order.  This looks incredible and we cannot wait to try this healthier alternative to one of our all time favorites… Now who wants to go get brunch??

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