Holistic Healing: Breathe Easy With Salt Therapy

Holistic Healing: Breathe Easy With Salt Therapy


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Salt has long been touted as a cure-all: there’s just something soothing about breathing it in, whether it’s in the form of the sea, sweat or tears. Now you can tap into the health benefits of salt, even if you don’t have beach access, using Dry Salt Therapy.

Also known as halotherapy, this all-natural treatment is non-invasive, drug- and chemical-free and can improve a myriad of issues such as dry skin and respiratory issues, all while promoting overall wellness and relaxation. Salt is an effective anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory mineral. The treatment detoxifies the lungs, cleansing airways, reducing respiratory inflammation, drying mucus, eliminating toxins and allergens.

At Breathe Salt Rooms in Manhattan, users can book a session that’s as relaxing for the mind as it is healing for the body. How it works: They utilize a state-of-the-art halogenerator to grind salt into tiny particles which are then aerated into the salt room or bed. The room emulates a live salt cave, pink Himalayan salt crystals make up the floor and Himalayan salt bricks cover the walls. Himalayan salt is known to calm the mind and body by releasing negative ions that counter the agitating positive ions from electronic equipment.

“The tranquil environment improves overall mental and emotional health. Dry Salt Therapy is like a total detox for your lungs and skin, everyone can (and will) benefit,” Breathe Salt Rooms experts say. “Fans of the therapy have found that it has enhanced athletic endurance, accelerated recovery time, prevented you from catching a common cold or flu, helps to slow the aging process, increased overall wellness, and helps to relax and alleviate stress to sleep better.”

Does Salt Therapy really work?

Salt Therapy Yoga

Photo Source: breathesaltrooms.com

I tried a 30-minute session, setting into the peaceful space after slipping into a spa robe and slippers. Once the lights dimmed, I began to practice various pranayma techniques. Tapping into my breathing while sitting in an easeful position, inhaling the salt-infused air, made me instantly feel calmer, making it even easier to delve deeper into my meditation practice. Before I knew it, the half hour was up and I already felt significant improvement in my respiratory system. Plus, I slept like a baby that night and awoke feeling better than ever, with clarity in both the mind and optimum lung function. For anyone looking for a natural solution with no harmful side effects that can improve lung health and/or simply slow down, Dry Salt Therapy may just be the perfect solution!

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