5 Things To Do ASAP After A Workout

5 Things To Do ASAP After A Workout

You just went beast mode. Now, give your hair & skin the TLC they deserve with these fit beauty tricks.

Your active lifestyle is awesome, but you also want healthy hair and skin that looks as good as your body feels post-workout. Here’s exactly what to do after a calorie-killing session.


It sounds obvious, but rinsing off immediately following a workout is your best bet to clear, healthy skin. “Shower and change into clean, dry clothing ASAP. This prevents acne and skin fungus on the face and body” explains S. Manjula Jegasothy, MD, founder of Miami Skin Institute. “Use an antibacterial body wash in the underarms and groin area. In the long run, this will reduce overall body odor, whether you are sweaty or just nervous.”



If you tend to get flushed and/or red after working out and don’t have time to shower, splash cold water on your face, neck and chest ASAP. The doctor says this shortens “flushing time” and may eventually reduce the overall episodes of flushing. Stash facial cleansing wipes in your gym bag  or use Jack Black DIY Power Peel pads to keep skin clear and pores unclogged. Then, apply Yuni Beauty Active Calm Serum followed by Active Calm Moisturizer to replenish skin.



Nix the greasies by spraying sweat-soaked areas such as bangs or the hairline with Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk. Follow with UMBERTO Beverly Hills Lifting Powder to absorb excess moisture or oil, refreshing and reviving limp locks.


During your workout, protect the baby hairs along the hairline or bangs with a wide headband that absorbs sweat like Scunci Everyday & Active Turban Headwrap. Just one drop of It’s a 10 Haircare Rose Gold Defrizzing Gel will refine and smooth hair, effectively erasing frizz and taming flyaways.


  1. WAX ON

It’s bikini season so waxing is a must; however, no matter how small your gym shorts are, skip the salon before a workout. Instead, head in afterwards. “We don’t want to disrupt your daily workout grind because we know how important that is, so we suggest working out prior to your waxing appointment,” says Noemi Grupenmager, Founder and CEO of Uni K Wax Center. “It’s well known that gym equipment tends to have bacteria. While the skin is rejuvenating from a wax it may be more susceptible to germs; friction and sweat may cause irritation as skin tends to be more sensitive after a wax.”

To bring it all together, you will want to start a clean diet like the whole30 diet to feel great inside and out.

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