Best Plants to Detox Your Home

Best Plants to Detox Your Home

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Houseplants do more than just make a great home accessory. They not only sit around looking green and pretty, they also help to detox your air.

Indoor air can get pretty bad, thanks to seemingly innocuous things that you probably never think about, like wet or damp carpet, pressed wood furniture and products, cleaning and maintenance products, beauty products, heating and cooling systems, humidifiers, and even opening the windows to let in “fresh” air can let in radon, pesticides and outdoor air pollution, pollen and more.

To detox your home from these sources, a spot of greenery can help. Plants actually thrive on the pollutants in the air. They take in carbon dioxide and exchange it for oxygen. An additional benefit for houseplants comes from the soil they are planted in. Soil contains microorganisms that also detox the air in your home. Having a plant in the house is pretty easy in terms of maintenance, but over-watering can lead to mold growing in the soil, which is actually bad for your health.

The best plants for detoxifying your air are: English Ivy, Heart-leaf Philodendron, and Green Spiders. You can group them or mix them up, according to your space. Some flowering plants also have air-cleaning properties, including Peace Lilies and Garden Mums. If you’re worried about taking care of your plant, then try Aloe Vera. It’s a succulent so it requires little water and is known for having many healing properties, like treating sunburn.


Having cleaner air means that people with indoor plants tend to have improved mental clarity and better alertness. In addition, plants may also lower stress and blood pressure.

Plants do require light and water, although amounts vary according to type. If you buy your plants from a garden or nursery, the experts will be able to guide you to a plant that best suits your caregiving abilities.

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