How to Get Perfect Thighs - Exercises for Toned & Sexy Legs

30 Women with Perfect Thighs – Workout Motivation – How to Get Perfectly Toned Things

30 Women With The Perfect Thighs - Workout Motivation - How To Get Perfectly Toned Things

Ask any woman what part of her body she would change and she’ll probably tell you her thighs. Female thighs are a trouble spot for most women as women naturally store more fat in the thighs and butt area due to hormones. But, the good news is, you can slim and tone your thighs today!

Perfect Female Thighs: Exercise Motivation and Inspiration

The thighs consist of two main muscles: the quadriceps and the hamstrings. The quadriceps are a group of four muscles that help extend the knee, whereas, the hamstrings are a group of three muscles found in the back of your thighs that help flex the knees.

Women naturally have stronger quads than hamstrings and glutes. Most of the exercises we do at the gym involve working the quads, like lunges and squats. Plus, we use our quads in everyday life from walking up the stairs at work to sitting at the dinner table to walking to the corner coffee shop.

Having strong quads is a good thing. Ideally, your hamstrings-to-quadriceps strength ratio should be 2:3. If you want to slim and tone  to reveal your most sexy thighs, you need to focus on working your quads and hammies three times a week.

Best Workouts for Women: Good Routines, Great Results

Best Thigh Workouts For Women: Good Routines, Great Results

Unfortunately, genetics may work against you with toning your thighs. Some of us are just born with more fat cells than others, while there are other women with perfect legs naturally. Your thighs are beautiful no matter what size they are. But, they can always be toned and strong.

Losing weight, whether it’s pounds on the scale or inches around your female thighs, doesn’t happen overnight. Don’t expect to start seeing results for four to six weeks. Perfect thighs come with a healthy diet. If you really want to change your body, you need to change your diet. Skip the junk food and focus on protein, vegetables, fruit, and good fats.

How to Get the Perfect Thighs

Once you have nailed the nutrition thing, it’s time to amp up the fitness. Cardio is important. It helps burn fat. Cycling, or even indoor spinning, is a great way to tone the legs. An hour-long spin class burns anywhere between 420 to 780 calories per hour. Add in some intense climbs and those quads will be screaming!

Women with great legs know it’s important to hit the weights. Strength training, especially large muscles like the quadriceps and hamstrings, will increase your metabolism so you burn more fat even while you sleep.

Exercises to Get Beautiful, Toned Thighs

Dumbbell Step-Ups

Women Thighs

Dumbbell step-ups are a great exercise to work your muscles, burn some calories, and sculpt some of the most sexy thighs. Step-ups can be done on a flat bench, a box, or even your stairs. Stand with your hands at your side holding a dumbbell in each hand behind a bench. Place your left foot on the bench and step up on the bench by extending the hip and knee of your left leg. Use the weight of your heel to lift your right side up and onto the bench. Step down with the right leg first. Return to the starting position.

Clockwork Lunges

Women with great legs understand that to get perfect thighs, you need to hit every muscle from every angle. Clockwork lunges are alternative lunges that target all the muscles of the thighs, including the smaller muscles like the hip adductors. You’ll need some room for this exercise so make sure the floor is clear of tripping hazards. Start by standing with your hands on your hips. Imagine you’re in the center of a big clock. Lunge forward towards 12:00 with your right leg. Return to start. Lunge sideways towards 3:00 with your right leg. Return to start. Lunge your right foot back towards 6:00 and return to start. Switch to your left leg. Repeat the same movement pattern.

Fire Hydrant Kicks

Female Thighs

Skip the abductor machines at the gym and try this thigh toning, but kicking exercise. Start in the all-fours position with your hands under your shoulders and knees under your hips. While keeping, your knees bent, lift your left knee out to the side as if you were a dog peeing on a fire hydrant. Pause at the top of the motion, and then return to the starting position. Complete the number of repetitions on your left side before switching to the right side.

Trainer Tip: If you’re looking for a challenge, combine the fire hydrant kick with a donkey kick. Complete your fire hydrant kick with your left leg. As you bring it back to the start position, kick your left leg back and up so it’s parallel to the floor.   

Slim and sculpted female thighs are possible with a healthy diet filled with lots of protein, fresh fruit and vegetables, and thigh targeting exercises. You’ll be rocking that mini skirt in no time. Take a look at these beauties with the most sexy thighs we could find on Instagram for a little motivation to hit the gym.

Allahna Carman Perfect Thighs

Image Source: Instagram @allahnacarman

1. Allahna Carman

Perfect thighs happen when you work both your quads and your hamstrings.

Michelle Goudie Perfect Thighs

Image Source: Instagram @elle.livelifelove

2. Michelle Goudie

Look at that quad definition, you should try the 30 day squat challenge that she does!

Nichole Freeman Perfect Thighs

Image Source: Instagram @nicholefreedom

3. Nichole Freeman

Gym rat Nichole believes good nutrition is key to a healthy, toned body. We agree and we also think she has some of the most sexy thighs we’ve seen yet!

Kortney Olson Perfect Thighs

Image Source: Instagram @kortney_olson

4. Kortney Olson

You can do all the squats you want, but your thighs won’t look like bodybuilder Kortney Olson unless you train for size.

Annabelle Hayes Perfect Thighs

Image Source: Instagram @bellsebobo

5. Annabelle Hayes

Personal Trainer Annabelle Hayes says “don’t expect results if you’re not going to put in the work.”

Carrie Underwood Perfect Thighs

Image Source: Instagram @carrieunderwood

6. Carrie Underwood

Google “women with great legs” and you’ll know doubt find Carrie.

Kim Kardashian Women With Great Legs

Image Source: Instagram @kimkardashian

7. Kim Kardashian

Kim knows how to show off her curvy thighs.

Charlotte Dujardin Women With Great Legs

Image Source: Instagram @charlotte_dujardin

8. Charlotte Dujardin

Do you want thighs of steel? Try horseback riding, which requires amazing leg strength.

Melissa Arnot Reid Women With Great Legs

Image Source: Instagram @melissaarnot

9. Melissa Arnot Reid

Professional mountain climber, Melissa Arnot Reid, needs strong quads to get her to the top of Mount Everest every year.

america ferrera Women With Great Legs

Image Source: Instagram @americaferrera

10. America Ferrera

America Ferrera completed her first triathlon to beat her inner body critic. Rock on girl!

beyonce Women With Great Legs

Image Source: Instagram @beyonce

11. Beyonce

We all want to be her.

stacy keibler Women With Great Legs

Image Source: Instagram @stacykeibler

12. Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler likes to keep her thighs strong with lots of hiking and walking.

Kristin Chenoweth Women With Great Legs

Image Source: Instagram @kchenoweth

13. Kristin Chenoweth

This pint size star has larger than life lungs and legs.

Hope Solo Women With Great Legs

Image Source: Instagram @hopesolo

14. Hope Solo

Soccer players have some of the best toned thighs around. Just check out Hope Solo!

Sarah True Women Thighs

Image Source: Instagram @sarah.b.true

15. Sarah True

Because one sport isn’t enough, this triathlete has strong thighs from running and cycling.

king morghan Women Thighs

Image Source: Instagram @kingmorghan

16. Morghan King

Want strong female thighs? Lift heavy weights like Olympic weightlifter Morghan King.

Gwen Berry Women Thighs

Image Source: Instagram @mzberrythrows_

17. Gwen Berry

Olympian Gwen Berry might throw the hammer, but she has some incredibly strong thighs to run, too.

shalane flanagan Women Thighs

Image Source: Instagram @shalaneflanagan

18. Shalane Flanagan

American record holder and Olympic medalist, Shalane Flanagan uses her quads to run marathons in record times.

mara abott Women Thighs

Image Source: Instagram @annehathaway

19. Mara Abbott

Cycling races require both physical and mental strength.

serena williams Female Thighs

Image Source: Instagram @serenawilliams

20. Serena Williams

Tennis is more than just hitting the ball across the net. You need to be able to sprint, pivot, dive for balls and have some of the most sexy thighs.

simone biles Female Thighs

Image Source: Instagram @simonebiles

21. Simone Biles

She is the hottest athlete of 2016.

Jennifer Lopez Female Thighs

Image Source: Instagram @jlo

22. Jennifer Lopez

J. Lo shows off her shapely female thighs on stage.

Troian Bellisario Female Thighs

Image Source: Instagram @sleepinthegardn

23. Troian Bellisario

Aerial yoga allows you to get even deeper into your poses.

shakira Female Thighs

Image Source: Instagram @shakira

24. Shakira

This pint size Colombian blonde knows how to shake it. There’s no way we could skip her on our list of women with great legs.

Natalie Uhling Female Thighs

Image Source: Instagram @natalieuhling

25. Natalie Uhling

NUFit creator and Under Armour Athlete helps millions of women reach their fitness goals every year.

Nicole Perry Most Sexy Thighs

Image Source: Instagram @nicoleperr

26. Nicole Perry

Nicole has been helping women around the country get fit in their homes with her awesome workouts.

Jen Selter Most Sexy Thighs

Image Source: Instagram @jenselter

27. Jen Selter

The Queen of Squats knows squats are a great exercise for your glutes and your thighs.

hilary swank Most Sexy Thighs

Image Source: Instagram @hilaryswank

28. Hilary Swank

This Million Dollar Baby actress is fierce in the gym and outdoors.

Lexi Thompson Most Sexy Thighs

Image Source: Instagram @lexi

29. Lexi Thompson

Professional golfer, Lexi Thompson, works hard on and off the course.

taylor swift Most Sexy Thighs

Image Source: Instagram @taylorswift

30. Taylor Swift

No leg list is complete without little Tay Tay.

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