Neck Workout for Women - Tighten & Tone Your Saggy Neck

30 Women with the Perfect Neck – Workout Motivation – How to Get a Perfect Neck

Neck Workouts

You’re probably thinking “why should I work my neck?” That’s a great question. I thought the same exact thing for a long time. Who works their neck muscles? Male bodybuilders, right? Yes. But, hear me out. Working your female neck muscles is beneficial to the rest of your body. Read on to find out why.

Perfect Female Neck: Exercise Motivation and Inspiration

Your neck muscles are not built for size. They are built to support your skull on your spine. Whether you play professional soccer or just like to run 5ks at home, your neck is highly involved in many physical sports and would most definitely benefit from regular neck workouts.

From sliding into home plate to going up for a rebound, your neck is put at risk in many different movements. Strengthening your neck muscles can reduce your risk and help protect your spine and spinal cord from injury. So,wondering how to strengthen your neck? We’re glad you asked….

Best Workouts for Women: Good Routines, Great Results

How to Build Neck Muscles

The female neck is composed of several small muscles. The splenius starts just behind your ears and runs diagonally across your skull towards your back where it connects to the spine underneath your trapezius muscle.

The sternocleidomastoid (can you say that three times fast?) runs behind your ears to your collarbone. Your trapezius muscle is mainly an upper back muscle, but it does run up the backside of your neck. Together, these three muscles are responsible for all movement of your neck.

How to Get the Perfect Neck

If you’re wondering how to build neck muscles, keep in mind we’re going for strength, not size. During neck workouts, it’s important to keep safety as the number one priority. Don’t train your neck on the same day you train your upper body, especially if you train with heavy weights. You should train your neck on a separate day at the beginning of your workout when your muscles aren’t fatigued.

As with any muscle group you work, but especially with your neck, you need flawless form. Never lift heavy weights with your neck. You’re just opening yourself up to injury. Always use full range of motion during neck workouts. It helps maintain and possibly increase the flexibility of your muscles and helps prevent injuries.

Fun Fact: Experience neck pain? Your sleeping position could be the reason why your neck hurts in the morning. To reduce neck pain, it’s best to sleep on your back or your side.

Exercises to Get a Beautiful, Toned Female Neck

How to strengthen your neck? Work it. Below you’ll find our top exercises to incorporate into your neck workouts. These exercises will strengthen, improve mobility and tone, revealing a sexy female neck.

Chin-to-Chest Stretch

People often have neck pain due to lifestyle choices like desk jobs, watching television, and bad posture. Stretching your neck can help relieve some of that pain. To do the chin-to-chest stretch, start in a seated position on the floor. Place both hands at the back of your head with your fingers interlocked and thumbs pointing down. With your elbows pointing straight ahead, slowly pull your head down so your chin is touching your chest. Hold for 20-30 seconds.

Isometric Front and Back Hold

Stand in a comfortable position with your head and neck in a neutral position. Place both your hands on the front side of your head with your fingers interlaced on your forehead. Gently push your neck forward by contracting your neck muscles into your hands. Press your hands into your forehead so your neck resists any movement. Hold for 10 seconds. Slowly release the tension. Rest for 10 seconds. Repeat with your hands on the back of your head.

Isometric Side Hold

Similar to the isometric front and back hold above, the isometric side hold applies tension to each side of your neck. Start with your left hand on the left side of your head. Gently push your head into your left hand resisting the movement of your head. Hold for 10 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds and repeat on the right side.

Trainer Tip: If you experience neck pain, make sure you check with your healthcare provider before starting any new neck workouts. Always prioritize safety!

Gabrielle Union-Wade Female Neck

Image Source: Instagram @gabunion

1. Gabrielle Union-Wade

Gabrielle Union-Wade stays motivated to work out by the high-definition camera.

Katharine McPhee How to Strengthen your Neck

Image Source: Instagram @katharinemcphee

2. Katharine McPhee

That’s a nice neck.

Lucy Hale Perfect Neck Workouts

Image Source: Instagram @lucyhale

3. Lucy Hale

A strong neck can help prevent neck injuries on and off the slopes. Just ask Lucy Hale.

Gisele Bundchen How to Build Neck Muscles

Image Source: Instagram @gisele

4. Gisele Bundchen

Why do supermodels always seem to have the longest necks?

Ronda Rousey Female Neck

Image Source: Instagram @rondarousey

5. Ronda Rousey

When you are one of the best MMA fighters of all time, you need a strong neck to absorb punches.

Helen Maroulis How to Strengthen your Neck

Image Source: Instagram @helen_maroulis

6. Helen Maroulis

Helen Maroulis made history by winning the first Olympic gold medal in women’s wrestling in 2016.

Taylor Swift Perfect Neck Workouts

Image Source: Instagram @taylorswift

7. Taylor Swift

This long and lean award-winning singer stays fit by running on her treadmill for an hour a day.

Nicole Perr How to Build Neck Muscles

Image Source: Instagram @nicoleperr

8. Nicole Perr

Stretching your neck can help relieve any negative tension or pain.

Misty Copeland Perfect Female Neck

Image Source: Instagram @mistyonpointe

9. Misty Copeland

Dancers are often able to elongate their necks while they dance.

Lea Michele How to Strengthen Your Neck

Image Source: Instagram @leamichele

10. Lea Michele

Lea Michele loves to get her sweat on.

Alex Morgan Perfect Neck Workouts

Image Source: Instagram @alexmorgan13

11. Alex Morgan

When your job is to use your head to hit a soccer ball, you better have a strong neck.

Danica Patrick How to Build Neck Muscles

Image Source: Instagram @danicapatrick

12. Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick is a CrossFit fanatic. She willingly did 500 burpees in a row. Crazy!

Hilary Swank Perfect Female Neck

Image Source: Instagram @hilaryswank

13. Hilary Swank

Why Hilary, that’s a long neck you have there…

Megan Fox How to Strengthen Your Neck

Image Source: Instagram @the_native_tiger

14. Megan Fox

She has a great neck.

Katy Perry Perfect Neck Workouts

Image Source: Instagram @katyperry

15. Katy Perry

Dear Fairy Godmother, We’d all love a perfectly toned neck. Love, The Fitness Goals Crew

Kate Upton How to Build Neck Muscles

Image Source: Instagram @kateupton

16. Kate Upton

Kate Upton’s personal trainer certainly knows how to create a festive workout.

Halle Berry Perfect Female Neck

Image Source: Instagram @halleberry

17. Halle Berry

Want to show off your neck? Try this fishtail braid like Miss Halle Berry!

Naya Rivera How to Strengthen Your Neck

Image Source: Instagram @nayarivera

18. Naya Rivera

Stars are just like us when it comes to working out.

Kate Hudson Perfect Neck Workouts

Image Source: Instagram @katehudson

19. Kate Hudson

Great genes run in this family.

Simone Biles How to Build Neck Muscles

Image Source: Instagram @simonebiles

20. Simone Biles

America’s sweetheart sure has some muscles!

Natalie Uhling Perfect Female Neck

Image Source: Instagram @natalieuhling

21. Natalie Uhling

Show off you neck today!

Vanessa Hudgens How to Strengthen your Neck

Image Source: Instagram @vanessahudgens

22. Vanessa Hudgens

Remember chokers from the 90s? Well, they are back in style!

Carrie Underwood Perfect Neck Workouts

Image Source: Instagram @caliabycarrie

23. Carrie Underwood

Carrie has her own active wear line and it’s awesome!

Heidi Powell How to Build Neck Muscles

Image Source: Instagram @realheidipowell

24. Heidi Powell

Reality TV show trainer is certainly an inspiration to many. After four kids, you can look that great!

Tyra Banks Perfect Female Neck

Image Source: Instagram @tyrabanks

25. Tyra Banks

Teaching girls how to make that neck look fierce for years now.

Kim Kardashian Perfect Female Neck

Image Source: Instagram @kimkardashian

26. Kim Kardashian

The Kardashian sisters have great necks and derrieres.

Penelope Cruz Perfect Neck Workouts

Image Source: Instagram @penelopecruzoficial

27. Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz loves to get outside to workout.

Leighton Meester Perfect Female Neck

Image Source: Instagram @itsmeleighton

28. Leighton Meester

Leighton used to train with Justin Falahi who likes to use “body type” analysis to drive his training method.

Heidi Klum Perfect Neck Workouts

Image Source: Instagram @heidiklum

29. Heidi Klum

Heidi believes in getting outside and playing with her kids for her fitness routine.

Shay Mitchell Perfect Female Neck

Image Source: Instagram @shaym

30. Shay Mitchell

This sexy Pretty Little Liars actress has graced the covers of many magazines over the years.

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