30 Women with the Perfect Middle Back | How to Get a Toned Middle Back

30 Women with the Perfect Middle Back – Workout Motivation – How to Get a Perfectly Toned Middle Back


I don’t know about you, but I find backs, whether it’s on a woman or man, to be incredibly sexy. Unfortunately, when it comes to training your back, most women skip it. The abs, arms, and butt are much more important, right? Wrong! A strong back is essential.

Perfect Female Middle Back: Exercise Motivation and Inspiration

A strong, toned back is essential. While it’s good to work all the muscles you look at daily in the mirror, you need to train your back, too.

A strong back can reduce lower back pain, decrease injury risk, improve your posture, and make you look more balanced and proportional. Plus, the back is a huge part of your overall muscular system. Don’t skip it!

Have you ever seen the back of a female body builder? I’m not talking about the bulky bodybuilders who look like men. I’m talking about the slim and toned bikini and figure competitors. Those women know how to make a back pop. It’s time to make yours pop, too!

Best Workouts for Women: Good Routines, Great Results

Best Mid Back Workouts For Women: Good Routines, Great Results

The back is divided into three regions: the lower back, the middle back, and the upper back. For balance and strength, it is important to work each region of the back.

The major muscle that makes up the middle back is the rhomboids. There are two rhomboid muscles that are named after their shape – a rhombus. The rhomboid major connects the scapula (shoulder blade) to the vertebrae of the spine. It works together with the rhomboid minor muscle to keep the scapula against your thoracic wall and help you do movements like a pull-up or drawing a bow string back while playing the violin.

Many people who work desk jobs suffer from poor posture. They work in front of a computer with a slumped-forward, rounded shouldered position. This makes our rhomboids stretched out and weak, which means they need to hit a middle back workout routine, pronto! Strong rhomboids will not only help you achieve your goal of doing a pull-up, but it will also improve your posture. Win, win!

How to Get the Perfect Middle Back

Now that we understand the basic anatomy of the mid back and why it’s important to train with middle back exercises, it’s now time to find out how to train the middle back. You should aim to train your entire back two to three times a week with at least one day of rest between each session. During each of your mid back workouts, perform three to five sets of 10 to 15 repetitions for each of the mid back exercises below. This will help build muscle and strength in your middle back.

Exercises to Get a Beautiful, Toned Middle Back

Bat Wings

Before slamming your rhomboids with heavy weight mid back exercises, it is important to activate your rhomboids and learn how to use them correctly to ensure that you benefit from the other weight exercises. The bat wings exercise is a simple activation exercise that will improve your posture and wake those lazy and weak muscles up.

Grab a set of dumbbells and lie face down on a bench allowing the weights to rest on the floor. Pull the weights up towards your ribs, squeezing your shoulder blades together at the top for a count of two. Focus on bringing the weights up so your thumbs are touching your armpits. Perform four sets of five reps.

Bent Over Row

Bent Over Row Middle Back Exercises

Every effective middle back workout routine should include the bent over row. This middle back exercise can be done with dumbbells, kettlebells, or a barbell. Hold a weight in each hand with feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees slightly and bend at the waist while keeping your back straight until it’s almost parallel to the floor. Tip your head up and look forward. The weights should hang down in front you with your arms perpendicular to the floor and your chest. Focus on keeping your torso still while lifting the weights to your side. Keep your elbows close to your body as you squeeze your shoulder blades together at the top. Hold for a count of two. Slowly lower the weight down to the starting position and repeat.

Seated Cable Row

Seated Cable Row Mid Back Exercises

Like the bent over row, the seated cable row works the middle back through a rowing movement. The seated row is an essential component for mid back workouts. For this exercise you will need a cable machine and a V-bar attachment commonly found at a gym. To start the exercise, sit on the machine and place your feet on the foot platform with your knees slightly bent. Lean over and grab the handles of the V-bar. With your arms extended, pull back until your upper body is at a 90-degree angle to your legs. This is the start position of the exercise. While keeping your torso still and your elbows as close to your body as possible, pull the handles back. Squeeze your shoulder blades together. Hold for a count of two and return to the starting position.

Trainer Tip: Keep your torso as stationary as possible during this exercises. Swinging your body forward and backwards with your arms can lead to lower back pain and injury. 

A strong back means reduced back pain, better posture, and toned muscles that look great in anything. It’s time to work those muscles that you don’t see in the mirror. Include a middle back workout routine into your gym time a few times a week and you’ll sculpt yourself a mid back that’s definitely worthy of a gym selfie!

lea michele Middle Back Workout

Image Source: Instagram @leamichele

1. Lea Michele

Glee actress, Lea Michele, has a great back thanks to regular yoga sessions that offer effective mid back workouts.

 hilary duff Middle Back Workout

Image Source: Instagram @hilaryduff

2. Hilary Duff

Even with mosquito bites, Hilary’s back is fabulous.

Debra Messing Middle Back Workout

Image Source: Instagram @therealdebramessing

3. Debra Messing

Debra Messing knows the importance of stretching your back.

anna kendrick Middle Back Workout

Image Source: Instagram @annakendrick47

4. Anna Kendrick 

Anna Kendrick isn’t a fan of working out, but she loves taking hikes out her front door in LA.

hilaryswank Middle Back Workout

Image Source: Instagram @hilaryswank

5. Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank must be Hollywood’s most badass actress. You know mid back exercises are always on her workout list.

michelle lewin Middle Back Workout

Image Source: Instagram @michelle_lewin

6. Michelle Lewin

Bikini competitor, Michelle Lewin, is no stranger to hard work at the gym. Just look at her back and perfect legs! We want to know what her middle back workout routine consists of!

heidi powell Middle Back Workout Routine

Image Source: Instagram @realheidipowell

7. Heidi Powell

A strong back lets you do crazy things like handstands in your backyard.

kacey luvi Middle Back Workout Routine

Image Source: Instagram @kaceyluvi

8. Kacey Luvi

Now only if all pull-ups had that kind of view. Speaking of which, pull-ups are one of the most intense middle back exercises.

whitney jones Middle Back Workout Routine

Image Source: Instagram @whitneyjones

9. Whitney Jones

Professional bikini competitor has some wise words –never compare yourself to others. It’s just you vs. you.

india paulino Middle Back Workout Routine

Image Source: Instagram @indiapaulino

10. India Paulino

India Paulino has been 2013 and 2016 Arnold Classic Ms. Bikini International and never skips her  mid back workouts.

tamra judge Middle Back Workout Routine

Image Source: Instagram @tamrajudge

11. Tamra Judge

Real Housewives of Orange County reality star, Tamra Judge, is proving to us that it’s never too late to achieve your dream body.

heidi klum Middle Back Workout Routine

Image Source: Instagram @heidiklum

12. Heidi Klum

A toned backside always looks great in a red dress.

Stephanie Mahoe Middle Back Exercises

Image Source: Instagram @stephmahoe

13. Stephanie Mahoe

A strong middle back can relieve back pain and improve your posture.

Ashley Kaltwasser Middle Back Exercises

Image Source: Instagram @ashleykfit

14. Ashley Kaltwasser

Squats and rows are great exercises that works your legs and your back!

nude yoga girl Middle Back Exercises

Image Source: Instagram @nude_yogagirl

15. Nude Yoga Girl

Yoga requires great back strength.

Narmin Assaria Middle Back Exercises

Image Source: Instagram @missnarmin

16. Narmin Assaria

This girl could definitely take Arnold in a pull-up contest, what do you think?

madonna Middle Back Exercises

Image Source: Instagram @madonna

17. Madonna

Don’t mess with this Material Girl!

ronda rousey Middle Back Exercises

Image Source: Instagram @rondarousey

18. Ronda Rousey

MMA fighting requires real strength and determination. Just ask badass Ronda Rousey! She knows all about mid back exercises.

katrina Mid Back Exercises

Image Source: Instagram @katrina_vw91

19. Katrina

Bent over rows are an excellent exercise to target the middle back.

gabby douglas Mid Back Exercises

Image Source: Instagram @gabbycvdouglas

20. Gabby Douglas

Gymnastics isn’t for weak backs. She also incorporates a military diet as well.

Katie Ledecky Mid Back Exercises

Image Source: Instagram @kledecky

21. Katie Ledecky

Swimming requires great back strength to move effortlessly in the water.

Missy Franklin Mid Back Exercises

Image Source: Instagram @missyfranklin88

22. Missy Franklin

In her spare time, Olympic swimmer Missy Franklin loves to work up a sweat in her kayak.

Gevvie Stone Mid Back Exercises

Image Source: Instagram @gevgevs

23. Gevvie Stone

Why bother with middle back exercises when you row for a living? Not only is Gevvie an Olympic silver medalist in rowing, but she’s a medical doctor too!

kate hudson Mid Back Exercises

Image Source: Instagram @katehudson

24. Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson loves to workout but sometimes she can only exercises for 15 minutes a day. She dishes about her workout routines in her book, Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body.

lucy hale Mid Back Workouts

Image Source: Instagram @lucyhale

25. Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale, or to many of us PLL fans – Aria, stays fit and healthy through yoga and running.

marie purvis Mid Back Workouts

Image Source: Instagram @mariepurvis

26. Marie Purvis

Nike Master Trainer, Marie Purvis, helps thousands of women stay in shape every year.

Caitlin Turner Mid Back Workouts

Image Source: Instagram @gypsetgoddess

27. Caitlin Turner

Who says yoga isn’t tough?

alice matoss Mid Back Workouts

Image Source: Instagram @alicematoss

28. Alice Matoss  

Fitness model Alice Matoss has done her rows lately.  Part of Adele’s weight loss can be attributed to her.

 qui Mid Back Workouts

Image Source: Instagram @qui2health

29. Qui

Professional personal trainer Qui shares her workouts daily on Instagram.

allahna carman Mid Back Workouts

Image Source: Instagram @allahnacarman

30. Allahna Carman

Cable machines are versatile machines that can work your whole body including your middle back.

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