How to Get Hips - Workouts to Obtain Perfect Female Hips

30 Women with the Perfect Hips- Workout Motivation – How to Get Perfectly Toned Hips

How to Get Hips

Shakira said it best, “my hips don’t lie.” Women seem to either love or hate their hips. Biologically, our hormones deposit fat around our hips, buttocks, and thighs because of fertility and pregnancy. As you probably know by now, losing weight around the hips is not an easy task.

Thankfully, skinny is out and strong and curvy female hips are in. So, embrace your curves and make them strong at the gym.

Perfect Female Hips: Exercise Motivation and Inspiration

If your hips are your trouble spot, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most women want to lose weight around the hips and stomach region. For some it’s easy, but for most, it’s a real challenge. Don’t focus so much on your body fat and weight. Instead, focus on how to get hips fast that are strong and toned.

Best Workouts for Women: Good Routines, Great Results

How to Get Hips Fast

Your hips are your power zone. Speed, strength, and explosiveness in the gym and on the sports field, all come from your hips. While you might have hung up your soccer cleats after high school, having strong and powerful hips are important even as an adult.

You want to train your hips for mobility, stability, and strength. Not only will this make you strong, but you will increase your flexibility, potentially reduce lower back pain, and get beautifully toned hips.

How to Get the Perfect Hips

Women with hips and a little extra “junk in the trunk,” may want to focus on changing their diet. Avoid junk food and focus on eating a healthy diet full of fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. If you stick to a healthy diet, you’ll start to see the scale go down.

Don’t freak out if you’re not seeing the inches fall off your hips. Due to our hormones, losing weight around the hips can be difficult. Unfortunately, you can’t just wave a magic wand and ask the weight loss gods to take your belly and hip fat away. This is where exercise is essential.

Exercises to Get Beautiful, Toned Hips

With a healthy diet and regular exercises, you’ll start to see the inches fall away soon enough. Cardio exercise will help you lose some belly fat, but strength training is how to get curvy hips and sexy thighs to give you your biggest bang for your buck.

Too many women fear that strength training will lead to “bulking up,” but that’s just an old wives’ tale. Strength training increases your metabolism and will tone and shape your beautiful female hips.


How to Get Curvy Hips

Do you want to know how to get hips fast? Squat. Squats are your new best friend. Squats come in all shapes and sizes so make sure you try a variety. Start with the bodyweight squat until you have mastered the technique. Afterwards, unleash your inner squat demon. Add weights, use a Bosu, try different stances. Different squat varieties will target your hips from all angles.

Curtsy Lunge

Women With Hips

Image Source: Giphy

Attention, women with hips (everyone), the curtsy lunge is a must if you’re trying to determine how to get curvy hips. There are not many exercises that target the sides of your hips by your hip bones. Squats and lunges mainly target the big muscles like your gluteus maximus, quads, and hamstrings. Enter the curtsy lunge. This lunge alternative targets those small muscles on the side of your hips that are important for hip stability.

Stand with your feet slightly wider than your hips. Cross your right leg behind your left while lowering your right knee behind your left ankle. While you are lowering into the curtsy lunge, reach your right hand towards the floor. Return to start and alternate sides.

Hip Bridges

Female Hips

Strong hips require a strong core. Hip bridges are a great exercise to work your glutes, hamstrings, and your core muscles. A strong core will help reduce lower back pain and create stability in your hips.

Start by lying on your back with your knees bent, feet firmly on the floor and your arms resting by your side with palms down. Brace your core to activate your abs and slowly lift your hips and butt off the ground. Lift your hips until your body forms a straight line from knees to shoulders. Hold the pose for 10 seconds, squeezing your glutes the whole time, before returning to the floor.

“How to get hips fast” is the question, the exercises we’ve laid out for you is the answer. Women with hips are strong and sexy, doing these moves three times a week can help get you on the list. For a little added motivation, check out the following female hips — they’re pretty impressive.


Kim Kardashian How to Get Hips

Image Source: Instagram @kimkardashian

1. Kim Kardashian

No words needed here. Kim probably has the most famous hips around.

Jennifer Lopez How to Get Hips Fast

Image Source: Instagram @jlo

2. Jennifer Lopez

This multi-talented performer is always on the go, but she makes time for her cardio and plank challenge workouts.

Beyonce How to Get Curvy Hips

Image Source: Instagram @beyonce

3. Beyonce

The queen of curves swears by treadmill sprints and compound strength exercises like squats and shoulder presses.

Venus Williams Women with Hips

Image Source: Instagram @venuswilliams

4. Venus Williams

Tennis requires great power from the hips for sprinting and pivoting. No wonder Venus wins so much!

Shakira Female Hips

Image Source: Instagram @shakira

5. Shakira

This girl sang it – “my hips don’t lie.”

Solenn Heussaff How to Get Hips

Image Source: Instagram @solennheussaff

6. Solenn Heussaff

This Filipina-French model like Ashley Graham is multi-talented. She also dabbles in acting, singing, fashion design, and even painting. She’s a big fan of boxing.

Brooklyn Decker How to Get Hips Fast

Image Source: Instagram @brooklyndecker

7. Brooklyn Decker

Fashion model, Brooklyn Decker, is no stranger to showing off her curves. She has graced the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition and has worked for Victoria’s Secret.

Khloe Kardashian How to Get Curvy Hips

Image Source: Instagram @khloekardashian

8. Khloe Kardashian

Because we all know the Kardashian sisters have it.

Iskra Lawrence Women With Hips

Image Source: Instagram @iskra

9. Iskra Lawrence

Once fired by her modeling agency for having “too big hips,” Iskra is now the spokesmodel for Aerie, American Eagle’s body-positive underwear brand.

Kristina Baskett Female Hips

Image Source: Instagram @kpeelphoto

10. Kristina Baskett

This college gymnast turned Hollywood stunt dare devil, has an incredible body.

Aly Raisman How to Get Hips

Image Source: Instagram @alyraisman

11. Aly Raisman

Three-time Olympic champion, Aly Raisman, is inspiring girls around the world with her incredibly strong and healthy body.

Zsuzsanna Jakabos How to Get Hips Fast

Image Source: Instagram @zsuzsannajakabos

12. Zsuzsanna Jakabos

This Hungarian Olympic swimmer stays seriously fit in the pool.

Natalie Coughlin How to Get Curvy Hips

Image Source: Instagram @nataliecoughlin

13. Natalie Coughlin

Former Olympic swimmer, Natalie Coughlin is now a hardcore fitness and nutrition lover. She has even appeared topless on the cover of ESPN magazine.

Jen Selter Women with Hips

Image Source: Instagram @jenselter

14. Jen Selter

Jen probably has one of the biggest booty you’ve seen.

Tracy Anderson Female Hips

Image Source: Instagram @tracyandersonmethod

15. Tracy Anderson

Celebrity trainer, Tracy Anderson, knows a thing or two about hips. After all, JLo, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Lena Dunham swear by her.

Kaisa Keranen How to Get Hips

Image Source: Instagram @kaisafit

16. Kaisa Keranen

Personal trainer and fitness expert, Kaisa Keranen, is inspiring thousands of people on Instagram to get moving everyday with her fun workouts.

Jen Sinkler How to Get Hips Fast

Image Source: Instagram @jensinkler

17. Jen Sinkler

Personal trainer and writer is showing woman around the world that lifting heavy weights is good for your body.

Gisele Bundchen How to Get Curvy Hips

Image Source: Instagram @gisele

18. Gisele Bundchen

The world’s most famous supermodel is a huge fan of yoga. It was the only workout she did after giving birth.

Madonna Women with Hips

Image Source: Instagram @madonna

19. Madonna

At over 50 years old, the queen of pop swears by Ashtanga yoga.

Kelly Bensimon Female Hips

Image Source: Instagram @kellybensimon

20. Kelly Bensimon

This “Real Housewives of New York” reality star is showing the world that women over 40 are just as rocking as younger girls. She stays fit by yoga and horseback riding.

English Garder How to Get Hips

Image Source: Instagram @ughlyducklin

21. English Garder

English Garder is a professional Nike runner and Olympic Gold medalist in the 100m. Sprinting is a great way to work those hips.

America Ferrera How to Get Hips Fast

Image Source: Instagram @americaferrera

22. America Ferrera

This strong and curvy actress just recently finished her first triathlon. You go girl!

Mariah Carey How to Get Curvy Hips

Image Source: Instagram @mariahcarey

23. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey recently lost her baby weight. She did so by working with Jenny Craig and working out in the pool or ocean.

Jessica Biel Women with Hips

Image Source: Instagram @jessicabiel

24. Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel loves intense workouts. Her celebrity trainer, Jason Walsh, is famous for his grueling sets of plyometrics and weight training. She also loves yoga.

Tyra Banks Female Hips

Image Source: Instagram @tyrabanks

25. Tyra Banks

She’s just fierce.

Rihanna How to Get Hips

Image Source: Instagram @badgalriri

26. Rihanna

This curvy popstar loves martial arts, dancing, and calisthenics that keep her in performing shape.

Christine Aguilera How to Get Hips Fast

Image Source: Instagram @xtina

27. Christine Aguilera

This popstar keeps herself extremely busy between her work and her family, but makes time for yoga and working out with her trainer.

Anne Hathaway How to Get Curvy Hips

Image Source: Instagram @annehathaway

28. Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway has been criticized for her weight gain after her baby, but she’s loving her new curves. She’s also a big soccer fan.

Serena Williams Women with Hips

Image Source: Instagram @serenawilliams

29. Serena Williams

You don’t want to mess with this tennis star. She will out sprint you thanks to her powerfully strong hips.

Demi Lovato Female Hips

Image Source: Instagram @ddlovato

30. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has dealt with some body image issues in the past, but she is one beautiful woman who is working towards promoting positive body image in woman. She’s also known to throw a mean punch.

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