30 Women with the Perfect Deltoids - How to Get Perfectly Toned Deltoids

30 Women with the Perfect Deltoids – Workout Motivation – How to Get Perfectly Toned Deltoids


You’re probably not thinking about summer at the moment, but it’s just around the corner. That means summer dresses, tank tops, and swimsuits. Do you know what looks good in those? Strong, toned deltoids!

Perfect Female Deltoids: Exercise Motivation and Inspiration

The deltoid muscle is responsible for moving the arm away from the body. You’ll commonly hear people break the deltoids into three parts: anterior, middle, and posterior deltoid. Each part of the deltoid muscle is responsible for a slightly different arm movement. For example, the anterior (front) deltoid works with your pectorals, lats, and subscapularis muscles to rotate your arm so your thumbs turn in towards the center of your body.

The shoulders play an important role in upper body movement. But, they are also have an intricate design with lots of ligaments and smaller support muscles. Focusing on strengthening your shoulders, especially the deltoids, will not only make you strong, but you’ll look great it your favorite strapless summer dress.

Best Workouts for Women: Good Routines, Great Results

deltoid workouts

Strong shoulders can be created a variety of ways. Did you watch any of the swimming events in Rio? Those girls had rocking shoulders. Swimming is a great low-impact sport that works your whole body from your heart to core to your deltoids. It’s a great way to get your cardio in while strengthening your core and building amazing female delts.

If you’re not a fan of chlorine, resistance training is another effective way to work your deltoids. Alternatively, yoga is a great deltoid workout option, too.

How to Get the Perfect Deltoids

The best deltoid workout involves weight lifting. Since the shoulder joint is intricate, it is important to start conservatively with dumbbell size. Once you have mastered technique, it’s time to start lifting heavier. Lifting heavy weights for less repetitions will help build deltoid muscle size. Don’t worry, you won’t turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger any time soon. Women don’t have enough testosterone to get big and bulky.

Exercises to Get a Beautiful, Toned Deltoids

Seated Dumbbell Press

best deltoid workout

The seated dumbbell press is a classic deltoid exercise, known for sculpting amazing female delts. Start in a seated position on a flat bench with your feet flat on the floor in front of you. Sit up tall, engage your core, and keep your back straight. Hold a dumbbell in each hand at ear level. Your palms should face forward. Press the dumbbells over your head until your arms are nearly straight. Slowly return the dumbbells back to ear level and repeat.

Trainer Tip: Do not lock your elbows in the top position.

Front Dumbbell Raises

deltoid exercise

All deltoid workouts should include some kind of deltoids isolation move such as the front dumbbell raise. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and knees soft. Hold your dumbbells slightly in front of your hips with your knuckles pointing forward. Slowly raise the dumbbells to shoulder height, keeping your arms straight. Slowly lower the dumbbells back towards your hips.

Trainer Tip: Your muscles are still working as they lower the weight back to the starting position. It is important not to just drop the weight. 

Dumbbell Lateral Raises

female delts

The lateral raise is an effective deltoid exercise used to give you a nice rounded shoulder appearance. Stand with your feet hip-width apart with a dumbbell in each hand by your side. Raise your arms out to the side while maintaining a slight bend in your elbow. Raise each dumbbell to shoulder height and slowly lower back to the start position.

Trainer Tip: It is important to start with a lighter weight to ensure you maintain perfect form throughout all your reps.

Ashley Greene Perfct Deltoids

Image Source: Instagram @ashleygreene

1. Ashley Greene

Twilight star, Ashley Green, devotes over 20 minutes gym time to deltoid workouts. She is a devoted Tracy Anderson Method follower and loves dumbbell and resistance-band exercises to tone her deltoids.

Iman Perfect Deltoid workout

Image Source: Instagram @the_real_iman

2. Iman

Somalian fashion model, Iman, has incredible female delts.

Eva Herzigova best deltoid workout

Image Source: Instagram @evaherzigova

3. Eva Herzigova

Eva shows her little boy what real strength looks like.

Miranda Kerr Perfect Deltoid exercise

Image Source: Instagram @mirandakerr

4. Miranda Kerr

Miranda stays bikini body ready by doing at least 10 minutes of planks every day.

Heidi Klum Perfect female delts

Image Source: Instagram @heidiklum

5. Heidi Klum

Heidi has graced the cover of many magazines, like Shape and Marie Claire.

Abbey Weitzeil Perfect Deltoids

Image Source: Instagram @abbeyweitzeil

6. Abbey Weitzeil

Olympic swimmer Abby Weitzeil does the best deltoid workout everyday — swimming! She needs strong shoulders to continue to set records in the pool.

Serena Williams Perfect Deltoid workouts

Image Source: Instagram @serenawilliams

7. Serena Williams

This beautiful woman certainly has some muscles. And the tennis titles to match them!

Dara Torren best deltoid workout

Image Source: Instagram @swimdara

8. Dara Torres

Five-time Olympic swimmer, Dara Torres, knows the importance of deltoid workouts and a strong core.

Jessica Alba Perfect Deltoid exericse

Image Source: Instagram @jessicaalba

9. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba keeps her deltoids and shoulders toned with the help of her kettlebell loving cousin.

Gisele female delts

Image Source: Instagram @gisele

10. Gisele

Tom is helping Gisele keep her shoulders in throwing conditions.

Cassey Ho Perfect Deltoids

Image Source: Instagram @blogilates

11. Cassey Ho

Blogilates founder, Cassey Ho, helps thousands of women around the world get fit and healthy.

Kayla Itsines Perfect Deltoid workouts

Image Source: Instagram @ayla_itsines

12. Kayla Itsines

Never mind those abs, look at those shoulders and arms! Damn girl!

Tamra Judge best deltoid workout

Image Source: Instagram @tamrajudge

13. Tamra Judge

Real Housewives of Orange Country star, Tamra Judge, recently competed in her first fitness competition at nearly 50 years old and rocked it with those female delts. She incorporated a military diet for those results.

Marie Purvis Perfect Deltoid exercise

Image Source: Instagram @mariepurvis

14. Marie Purvis

This Nike Master Trainer’s motto is “life is dynamic, train for it.” We couldn’t agree more!

Jessica Biel Perfect female delts

Image Source: Instagram @jessicabiel

15. Jessica Biel

Strong shoulders lets you do things like headstands and multitask!

Caitlin Turner Perfect Deltoids

Image Source: Instagram @gypsetgoddess

16. Caitlin Turner

Yoga done around the world does make your deltoids stronger. Just look at Caitlin!

Lady Gaga Perfect Deltoid workouts

Image Source: Instagram @ladygaga

17. Lady Gaga

Rocking the best outfit anyone gave her – her skin.

Amanda Bisk best deltoid workout

Image Source: Instagram @amandabisk

18. Amanda Bisk

Australian personal trainer and pole vaulter, Amanda Bisk, believes in getting outside and moving. Just don’t forget your training buddy!

Michelle Obama Perfect Deltoids

Image Source: Instagram @michelleobama

19. Michelle Obama

We are sure going to miss the First Lady’s arms and shoulders in the White House.

Sarah Jessica Parker Perfect Deltoid workouts

Image Source: Instagram @sarahjessicaparker

20. Sarah Jessica Parker

This lady might have the best shoe closet in Manhattan, but we think she has the best arms and shoulders in NYC.

Madonna best deltoid workout

Image Source: Instagram @madonna

21. Madonna

The original Material Girl basically invented female delts and loves staying fit with yoga.

Hannah Bronfman deltoid exercise

Image Source: Instagram @hannahbronfman

22. Hannah Bronfman

DJ-turned-fitness-lover, Hannah Bronfman, shares her fitness secrets and favorite deltoid workouts with her 336,000 followers on Instagram daily.

Miley Cyrus female delts

Image Source: Instagram @mileycyrus

23. Miley Cyrus

Miley lives by ashtanga yoga. Can you teach us that?

Kirsty Godso Perfect Deltoids

Image Source: Instagram @kirstygodso

24. Kirsty Godso

Boxing and basketball help keep this Nike Master Trainer fit in New Zealand.

deltoid workouts

Image Source: Instagram @mistyonpointe

25. Misty Copeland

She might not dance with her deltoids, but they are still strong and toned.

Jlo best deltoid workout

Image Source: Instagram @jlo

26. Jennifer Lopez

J. Lo just has a slamming body. It must be all that dancing.

Natalie Uhling deltoid exercise

Image Source: Instagram @natalieuhling

27. Natalie Uhling

This Under Armour athlete stays fit with her NUFit workouts.

Jessie Delgado female delts

Image Source: Instagram @jessiebabyfit

28. Jessie Delgado

Instagram famous for her booty and perfect legs, but known for sharing heaps of fitness tips to her followers.

Blake Lively Perfect Deltoids

Image Source: Instagram @blakelively

29. Blake Lively

Sometimes you just need to hide from tough workouts, but we all know that Blake overcomes her fear.

Heidi Powell female delts

Image Source: Instagram @realheidipowell

30. Heidi Powell

Former gymnast and current personal trainer, Heidi knows exactly what the best deltoid workout looks like! She helps thousands of people with their fitness and nutrition every year.

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