The 10 People You’ll Meet in Every Spin Class

The 10 People You’ll Meet in Every Spin Class

What’s not to love about indoor cycling classes? You torch a ton of calories in 45 minutes, leave a sweaty mess, and experience an endorphin high from all of the energy you exerted tapping it back.

These days, a spin instructor acts almost like a performer, entertaining the class with music, positive affirmations, and challenging drills. Though, the real entertainment comes from the people in the class with you. Some spin devotees’ personalities really shine bright while they’re riding. Here are a few of the people you might recognize from your last spin class.

the people in every spin class
1. The Headbanger

It’s hot, hot, hot, but her hair is down and flowing along to the music, without a care in the world. Her torque clearly isn’t where it needs to be.

2. The Overly Enthusiastic Rider

When the instructor yells, “How is everyone doing?!?,” this person mostly like to shout, “Hell yeah!” And that’s just at the beginning of class—the “woo hoos” and “oh yeahs” only increase as the class gets harder.

3. The Overachiever

Your instructor said around 60 RPMS, but this rider is still averaging 90 to 100 RPMs—and doesn’t slow down for the entire class. What are they on?

4. The One Who Rides To Their Own Beat

They stay seated when the instructor said second position. They don’t pick up the weights or do push ups. They ignore jumps and sprints. They’re basically on their own breezy ride, and the rest of the class is crashing.

5. The Serious Competitor

This person is constantly looking over at your bike to check out your torque or RPMs. Every class is a race and they want to WIN.

6. The Teacher’s Pet

Chats up the teacher before and after class. Praises their music and l-o-v-e-s it when the instructor gives them a shout out during the ride.

7. The Person In A Sweatshirt

Seriously? You’re not hot?

8. The Sweataholic Who Refuses To Use A Towel.

Steer clear of this rider—it’s always the super sweaty ones who shake their heads and wind up dripping on their classmates.

9. The Singer

Sure, it’s fun to chime in on the chorus every once in a while, but this rider knows all the lyrics and won’t pipe down.

10. The Bros Who Sit Next To Each Other

Spinning is cool and everything, but they have to present a united front against all of the chicks, obviously.

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