Mermaid Fitness Is Real and It's EVERYTHING

Mermaid Fitness Is Real and It’s EVERYTHING

Mermaid Fitness is the trendy new fitness class will allow you to take a step in the shoes (well, swim in the fin) of one Disney’s most iconic characters. Yes, you read that right MERMAID FITNESS is now being offered, allowing anyone throw on a mermaid tail and break a sweat, Ariel style.

Mermaid Fitness

Photo Credit: Hotel Del Coronado

The new water aerobics class is now offered at the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, CA.  The swanky hotel offers the class once a week, on Friday morning, open to the public. So even if you’re not staying in the hotel, you can officially turn your mermaid dreams into part of your world, for only $20.

Don’t let the fun nature of the class fool you, it’s a serious workout. While trading in your legs, this 45-minute class promises to put you through an upbeat water aerobics class which includes fusion swimming, core, cardio, and strength training exercises.

mermaid fitness

Photo Credit: Hotel Del Coronado

When you really think about it, fitness and mermaids go hand-in-hand. Swimmers have amazing bodies and swimming is one of the best exercises for both core and total body. Oh, and not to mention every mermaid we have ever seen is showing off their flat stomach and toned arms. It was really only a matter of time before someone looked to mermaids for some fitness tips and tricks.

So if you’re heading out to So. Cal, even if you aren’t planning on staying at The Del, you should totally check out the class!

If you are dying to try a mermaid fitness class, and don’t think a visit Cali is in your future vacay plans, there have been other Mermaid Fitness popping up in locations around the country, such as Mermaid Fitness which has locations in Saginaw and Midland Michigan.

You can get an inside peek through Instagram, where the fitness boutique posts photos and videos from their classes.

Mermaid Fins

Photo Credit: Instagram user @beitmermaidfitness


Be a mermaid

Photo Credit: Instagram user @beitmermaidfitness

Oh, and if you have a pool of your own and can’t find a class close to you, you can always buy a mermaid tail for yourself!

Looking for more fun ways to workout? Grab your friends get ready for a healthy night of fun!


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