#LivingLaYogaLoca: Solid Advice From An Expert Yogi

#LivingLaYogaLoca: Solid Advice From An Expert Yogi

We all know and follow that guy (or girl) on Instagram.  You know the guy we are talking about, that guy who posts way too much, or uses way to many hashtags.  That guy who has just too cool of a life and wants everyone else to know about it.

There are different types of that guy. There’s the gym rat, the jet setter, and the very distinct and very obsessive yogi.

JP Sears takes the yoga Instagrammers to a whole new level giving us the much needed 101 for getting the ultimate yoga grams. Some of his go-to’s include a great backdrop, extra small yoga pants and of course hashtags.

So, if you’re looking to up your gym gram game, take some of his advice oh and don’t worry we already rounded out our top 10 favorite pieces of advice from JP:


1) Be Original with your backdrops.

JP’s go-to is a sunrise or sunset… Mind blown with his creativity.

2) The most hashtag the better.

#Yoga, #Yogalife, #LivingLaYogaLoca, #UltraSpiritual… and yes hashtags do work on video

3) Always put your safety in harm in order to get the best Instagram

Whether you’re in the gym, outside, or on a mountain, sacrificing your body is key to getting the best photo.

4) Don’t eat almond butter on your celery before your Instagram shoot… it’s way too fatty

Stick to the all water diet.

5) Always think about the two MB’s…

Man-Bulge and Man-Bun.

6) Consume more bottled water

You can recycle them into yoga pants!

7) That being said, you can never really have enough pairs of yoga pants

The tighter the better.

8) Make sure your photos have the essence of you

If not how will your followers get a proper energy exchange when stalking your gram?

9) Having a good photographer is key to any Instagram photo shoot

They have the power to make or break your shoot (but don’t worry there are always filters).

10) Do it for the Gram

Instagram is basically life.

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