How to Meal Prep and Why You Should Be Doing It!

How to Meal Prep and Why You Should Be Doing It!

How to meal prepMeal prepping: You’ve heard about, seen the hashtags and salivated over the inspo pics, but have you ever thought about trying it yourself?

“Meal prepping is a fantastic healthy habit that makes eating real food not only possible but enjoyable as well,” says certified health coach and Director of NJ based Main Asset Health, Gila Guzman. “In today’s fast paced world it’s almost impossible to cook homemade meals three times a day.” To meal prep properly, Guzman recommends devoting a set time during the week to prepping. “Spend a few hours preparing dishes and prepping raw ingredients for the week ahead. This will save so much time and energy during the week, and it’ll help you stay on track to meet your health and wellness goals.”

Committing to a healthy diet is easier said than done but we’ve got some tricks to help you get there!

Grab ‘n Go is key!

Chances are once your week is well underway, you won’t have time to make yourself a full on meal, protein included. So, to make sure you don’t fall into the cereal and milk three times a day trap, Guzman says to just keep it simple. “Put your salads in mason jars for quick grab and go lunches and prepare breakfasts ahead of time, mornings are always hectic and rushed.”

Don’t procrastinate!

Guzman recommends prepping the easy to store foods as soon as you get home from the supermarket. After all, chances are you’re already in organization mode. “I wash and cut my vegetables as soon as I come home from the market,” she explains. “This way, they’re always ready for me to toss into a salad, smoothie or a sauté pan in seconds.” Keep your veggies crisp and fresh by lining containers with a paper towel, then adding in the vegetables and placing another paper towel on top. “The paper towels absorb the moisture and the vegetables will stay crisp,” Guzman shares.

Preparing ingredients is a must!

Meal prepping doesn’t necessarily mean preparing the entire meal days in advance. After all, there will be times you’re going to want a fresh omelet and actually have time to make one! So, the idea is to prep the ingredients you’ll need to make your omelet delicious and satisfying. “Have sautéed vegetables ready to go so you can add them to omelets or salads. My favorite combo is onions, mushrooms and spinach,” Guzman shares.

Write out your menu and shopping list!

“I recommend to those new to meal prepping to plan out their meals for a week on the front of a 5×7 index card,” Guzman shares. “Then use the back of the card to write out your weekly shopping list. This way it’s all in one place!” The beauty of this trick, Guzman explains, is that after a few short months you’ll be able to menu-cycle through all the different weekly menu options you created.

Variety, variety, variety!

Eating the same thing all the time will make it hard to keep up the habit, so make sure to change things up, constantly! “When I meal prep, I prepare a bunch of different proteins, roasted veggies and fresh vegetables and then mix and match,” Guzman shares. Think of your meals like you think of your clothing, you wouldn’t wear the same outfit for a week straight, so why eat the same thing for a week straight?


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