Hollywood’s Hottest Workout: Boxing

Hollywood’s Hottest Workout: Boxing

See why supermodels, stars, and more and more women are hitting the ring.

Celebs are always on top of the trends, especially when it comes to keeping their bods red carpet ready. Ditch the notion that boxing is a male-only sport. These days, you’ll spot just as many women donning gloves and kicking ass!

“Boxing is the perfect type of workout that aligns the mind, body and soul. It is a constant test of your will, physical, and mental strength that forces you to be present,” says Reese Scott, Boxing Coach and founder of NYC’s Women’s World of Boxing.

“I think more women are getting into the sport because they see more women boxing in commercials, magazines and their favorite shows. They see these women boxing, kicking ass, looking good and feeling good and they say to themselves, “If she can do it, I know I can do it!”

Models (think: Victoria’s Secret Angels), actresses and those in-the-know use boxing as a fast-track to a seriously toned body. Blast away tons of calories (up to 600 an hour) with the heart-pumping cardio workout, while chiseling next-level abs, arms, shoulders, legs and core.


Not convinced? Besides the obvious badass aspect of the workout, boxing benefits both the body and mind. The sport requires extreme concentration, focusing the mind. “Nine out of ten women that begin training with me have said that they wanted to start boxing to release stress,” says Scott. She thinks more women are interested in boxing as a means of having “me” time. “They have claimed boxing as something that’s for them. It’s their time to express themselves, challenge themselves and feel empowered.”

If you can’t make it into a class, try the following moves at home.


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