Holistic Healing: Drip, Chill and Shine

Holistic Healing: Drip, Chill and Shine

Ready, set, refresh: Pop-up wellness services are the new big thing.

Future IV Spa

Forget juice and soup cleanses! Pop-up wellness services are what’s hot for 2016. New York City’s Future Spa: Drip, Chill and Shine pop-up wellness series combines three of the biggest trends in the wellness world into one afternoon session. In a city fueled by adrenaline and jam-packed schedules, what better way to unwind and multi-task than getting all your detox done in just one day?!

Guests can choose from or combine three wellness therapies: NutriDrip, IV nutrient therapy; CryoSphere Cryotherapy, extreme cold that triggers the release of anti-inflammatory molecules and endorphins; HigherDose Infrared, said to burn 600 calories per hour and detoxify the system. Located in the Penthouse of the Standard Hotel, post-treatment amenities include luxury hotel showers, a cold-pressed juice bar and an incredible panoramic view of the Gotham skyline.

The Deets:

NutriDrip IV Nutrient Therapy

While IV vitamin infusions are typically known as hangover cures, NutriDrip IV Nutrient Therapy can help anyone who needs an (almost) instant fix. Try a quick drip (10 minutes) or full hydration drip (25-40 minutes) to replenish and re-energize the system. Intravenous infusions allows vitamins to go directly into the bloodstream, allowing them to be absorbed quickly and more effectively. Add B12 and glutathione booster shots to amp up the results.

Future IV Spa


Didn’t have time to hit up the gym? Get your sweat on with a HigherDose body wrap detox, using infrared heat to burn approximately 600 calories per hour. Prep for the 30- to 35-minute session with a shot of a cayenne-based juice to help increase the amount of sweat; next, don a protective body suit. Slip inside the sleeping bag-like wrap on a comfy massage table, put on the supplied headphones and listen to music or meditate while your body releases toxins via sweat.

Future IV Spa

CryoSphere Cryotherapy

For a fast face fix, opt for the CryoSphere Cryotherapy facial. The cold therapy treatment triggers the release of anti-inflammatory molecules and endorphins via a blast of liquid nitrogen as cold as 160 degrees Celsius for 5 minutes. Essentially, the extreme temperature tricks the body into self-healing the skin. I recommend doing this after the infrared body wrap; after sweating out toxins, the cooling air provided much-needed relief and left my skin feeling and looking refreshed and radiant.

Future IV Spa
If you’re in or around the NYC area, don’t wait–the pop-up runs until the end of April.

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