Happy Baby Pose Yoga Pose and Tips for Beginners

Happy Baby Pose Yoga Pose Photos and Ananda Balasana Video Tips for Beginners

Happy baby pose, known as ananda balasana in Sanskrit, is a restorative hip opener that stretches the hip flexor muscles for improved range of motion in the legs. As one of the more playful yoga poses, the posture keeps your practice lighthearted and fun.

Happy Baby Pose

Tips, Photos and Videos for Beginners


Happy baby pose is a dedicated hip opener that focuses almost completely on strengthening and, more importantly, lengthening the muscles in the hips for greater range of motion through the legs. Since the pose is gentle and fun, but has a powerful focus on the hips, it is perfect for beginners working to open inflexible hips.

According to conventional yogi wisdom, the hips hold a majority of the body’s tension. Opening the hips in a pose like happy baby, then, releases stress and relaxes troubled nerves.


Happy baby pose is most effective at the end of class, when other hip openers have already warmed up the hip flexors and surrounding muscles. At the end of class, before transitioning into shavasana, assume happy baby to deepen whatever hip opening exercises you did throughout the practice.


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