The New Girls Night Out

The New Girls Night Out

Forget bars and clubs. Grab your besties & get ready for an evening of serious sweat.

Bachelorette parties and other girls-only bashes just got a lot steamier–but not in the way you might think (read: The Thunder From Down Under). Bonding with your besties is a blast, but it can challenge your diet, not to mention all those hours spent killing it at the gym.

Don’t derail those healthy habits! Instead, ditch the standard get-sloshed get-together, gather your squad and make your next night out a workout. Here, the scoop of two of the latest workouts we tried.

Get Your Groove On With A Girls-Only Dance Party


Who doesn’t love a dance party with their crew? Hit up a DivaDance class with your girls for a sexy, stress-free and sweat-drenched evening. NYC music executive Jami Stigliano created DivaDance as an alternative to professional dance studios, where classes can be more stressful than stress relief. DivaDance classes center around self-love and body confidence, set to a soundtrack of pop and hip hop. Embrace their motto and “let your hair down” while learning new moves from the all-levels choreography that makes class accessible for any age and ability level.

Verdict: Typically, I loathe any dance class and stressed over my inability to learn and coordinate my choreography with the beat of the music. Despite being rhythmically challenged, I had fun learning how to work it like Britney Spears with two pals. DivaDance is a great way to be silly, have fun and do cardio with your group.

Chill Out With Your Crew In A Club-Like Atmosphere


Round up your tribe for an evening of good vibes. Head to what’s been dubbed as “silent disco yoga” for a unique experience. Each person at SoundOff Silent Yoga wears noise-isolating LED headphones. The wireless headsets can tune in to up to three audio channels (think: flowing music on one channel, the instructor’s voice on another) and allow each user to control their volume level. When practiced in a large space, the LED lights create a cool illuminated effect.

Verdict: The energy and sense of community within a large group practicing yoga together is amazing. I loved that I could control my headset’s volume, setting it to the lowest level; the noise-isolation meant I could really go within myself and block everything out surrounding me. SoundOff Silent Yoga would be perfect for a group of yogis who want to practice together while also tuning into themselves; the club-like setting makes it even more fitting for a fun girls night out.

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