12 Inspiring Instagrams With Girls That Lift

12 Inspiring Instagrams With Girls That Lift

These ladies with strong shoulders, big booties and killer abs are providing us with endless inspiration. So sprinkle some #GirlsWhoLift motivation in your Insta feed.

Whether you follow the girls who can squat twice their bodyweight, or the badass who can do pull ups for days, these ladies are sure to provide endless inspiration to thousands of people everyday, so jump on board.

Believe us, after checking out these Insta stars, you’ll want to be hitting the gym and grabbing some weights.

1. Jen Sinkler (@jensinkler)

Jen Sinkler

This Former USA Rugby player is one tough chick with sexy thighs. The best part about her feed is she lifts hard, but also can laugh at herself. Jen’s feed is full of everything from workouts to meme’s and even full of her friends and family.

2. Jessi Kneeland (@remodelfitnessnyc)

Jessi Kneeland

This life coach is full of positivity and a killer body to match. Follow Jessi on her many trips around the world, where she always manages to find a gym and follow a military diet. Not only does she lift, but she also practices yoga and runs. This account is sure to have something for everyone.

3. Natalie Jill (@nataliejillfit)

Natalie Jill

Nutrition and fitness expert, Natalie, loads her Instagram with fitness video’s and exercise routines so that you can workout like the pros. Natalie also shows off her favorite recipes that are keto friendly and really has a fully fitness-focused gram.

4. Elisabeth Akinwale (@eakinwale)

Elisabeth Akinwale

Elisabeth is one badass Crossfitter (if you don’t believe us, just look at her feed filled with crazy muscle pics). Elisabeth eats clean, and trains mean.

5. Shauna Harrison (@shauna_harrison)

Shauna Harrison

Although Shauna takes body weight lifts to a whole new level, she also shows off her fitness in the weight room. Her feed combines body weight exercises using TRX bands with yoga poses, creating crazy definition and inspiration. Couple those workouts with the paleo diet, and that’s a effective combo.

6. Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott (@toneitup)

Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott

Team ‘Tone It Up’ combines friendship with their love of the gym. Karena and Katrina take you through their fit lives and encourage you to join their community. If you follow these two strong chicas, you will get recipes, workouts (like the 30 day thigh challenge) and inspiration x2.

7. Brittney Stracener (@stayfitbritt)

Brittney Stracener

Brittany is a personal trainer and a new mom! For anyone trying to get back into shape, or build muscle, this is the girl to follow. She posts her own workouts (does the 30 day arm challenge) as well as inspiring before and after posts from her clients.

8. Under Armour Women (@underarmourwomen)

Under Armour Women

The UA women are badass.  They lift, they run and they do it all in pretty fabulous workout clothes. Following this account, really gives you a lot of different motivation all in one package.  Seems like a no brainer to us!

9. Lorna Jane (@lornajaneactive)

Lorna Jane

Workouts, quotes, super cute workout gear and amazing scenery. This Australian workout company is a go-to for passion and inspiration. Showcasing not only #GirlsWhoLift but also girls who are happy. She also follows the whole30 diet to optimize her results.

10. Camille Brown (@camille4wildcat)

Camille Brown

Crossfit-certified Camille, is one strong woman. Almost all of her posts are in the gym, raw videos and pics of her doing what she loves. Camille is a perfect picture of what hard work in the weight room can do for your body and confidence.

11. CrossFit (@crossfit)


To be honest, the handle name really sums it up. As you probably guessed, this is a gram totally dedicated to Crossfit, so if you want to be inspired by the community of Crossfit this is totally the Instagram for you. Posting men, women and children this gram includes dozens of #GirlsWhoLift.

12. U.S. Soccer WNT (@ussoccer_wnt)

U.S. Soccer WNT

This Instagram showcases the US Women’s National soccer team. Although the handle gives you a sneak peak into all of the team’s training (not just the weight room), it’s great for inspiration from some strong, fierce women.

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