Getting Summer-Ready With Your Spin Workout

Getting Summer-Ready With Your Spin Workout

summer spin class“All you need to bring to class is effort. If you are willing to put the effort in, the results will follow,” is spin instructor, Felicia Walker’s, mantra.   

As an avid spinner of 18 years, and a spin instructor at New York Health & Racquet Club of 5 years, Walker’s advice for anyone considering taking up cycling class is simple yet impactful.

With a recent cycling popularity surge from studios like SoleCycle, Peloton and FlyWheel, spin class is something you have definitely heard of, even if you haven’t worked up the courage to try one yet.

According to Walker, newbies shouldn’t be afraid to try out a spin class, and offers the suggestion of taking the class at your own pace and following along to the beat of the music.

“Don’t be intimidated, because really no one is looking at you. Just go with the music, don’t feel bad about yourself, and do what you can. I think that’s the bottom line always do what you can. What you can’t do, you can’t do and that’s something you’re going to learn,” Walker says.

Spin provides the comradery of a group class, while also pushes to be self-driven and allows you to be anonymous.  

Unlike your boot camp or barre class where you are right in front of the mirror and feel like everyone is critiquing your every move, spin classes are usually taught with the lights dimmed or off.

It provides you with 45 minutes of high-intensity training, where you don’t feel judged by everyone around you.

Oh, and did we mention that spinning is one of the best cardio exercises that you can possibly do, especially with summer right around the corner.

“As a woman you’re burning 400-600 calories, and the guys burn even more if you have the intensity. Generally speaking, you’re not going to do that in a workout on your own,” Walker says.

For new spinners, a great way to start is by trying out spin class, and attending class 3 to 4 times a week.  For people who want to add spin to their already established fitness routine, spinning can be a great compliment to running.

“Spinning is really complimentary if you run. Running is a lot of pounding and spinning is really no impact and also the interval training we do it boosts their cardio,” Walker says.

If you want to get a feel for a class, download these songs, or listen to them on our youtube playlist below, and follow along to one of Felicia’s workouts below:


Felicia’s Workout:

1) Adventure of a Lifetime (eSQUIRE houselife remix) (warmup) 4:48

one full turn- shake it out
pick-up pace on chorus 45 sec/45 sec

2) Piece of Me (Mk+Becky Hill) (hill/intervals) 4:59

flat road 60 sec
add to hill/stand- steady pace
dbl pace on beat pickup 30 sec/30 sec/90 sec

3 Dirty Mind (WILL K & Corey James remix) (hill/intervals) 5:11

standing hill
two 45 sec intervals at drops
4) Never Forget You (Supa Nani remix) (hill/intervals) 6:05

flat road 60 seconds
add to hill/stand
three 30 sec standing intervals at drops
5) Pumpin It Up (Bo Jangels Keep Pumpin remix) (flat/run 1/2/3) 5:47

sit/flat road
two 60 second intervals of running in 3rd position
6) Same Old Love (Cosmic Dawn remix) (hill/intervals) 3:57

standing climb, tap backs on beat
two 30 second intervals at chorus
7) Might Not (Craig Crompton remix) (steep hill/move) 5:02

continue standing climb, tap backs on beat, sit/add heavy resistance at rap section
short breakaways on beat pickups
8) Burn You Tonight (Original mix) (flat/sprints) 4:28

flat road/run
3 sprints
9) Show Me Love (Skrillex remix) (cool down+stretch) 4:01


Happy spinning!

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