5 Races to Sign Up for if You Hate Running

5 Races to Sign Up for if You Hate Running

Running isn’t for everyone.

However, with 509,000 marathon finishers in U.S. last year alone, it’s undeniable that running is for a lot of people. Maybe you’re not down to go the 26.2 distance (hey, I feel you), but don’t count yourself out of this running trend just yet. There just might be a race out there for you!

Despite what your high school coach might have taught you, running isn’t just a cruel and unusual form of punishment. Running has doled out benefits since the beginning of time. Benefits of a short run can lead to a longer life, increased endurance, and, of course, slim down the waist.

Even if running isn’t your BFF, give one of these races a try because whether it’s a seven or 15-minute mile, a mile is still a mile and that’s something to celebrate.  

Obstacle Races

fun run tough mudder

Photo Credit: Tough Mudder

Grab a group of friends because these races aren’t something you’ll want to venture alone. Each race is designed slightly different, but with the same sentiment in mind: to get you dirty. Run, crawl, climb and sweat your way to the finish line in races like Tough Mudder, Spartan, MuckFest MS and Rugged Maniac. But just a word to the wise, you might want to start lifting before these races. You’ll thank me later.

The Color Run

fun runs color run

Photo Credit: The Color Run

The Color Run is self-proclaimed as the happiest 5k on the planet and, well, they’re not wrong. Racers show up decked out in all white ready to be a moving canvas. Then by the end of the race, everyone looks like a rainbow threw up on them. Fun, no? At the very least, this race will prove for a killer Insta pic (with the right filter, of course).

Disney World runDisney Races

fun run run disney

Photo Credit: Disney

Whether you’re a Disney Princess fanatic, Disney cruise line junkie, Star Wars trivia pro, Avengers superhero or a plain, old classic Disney diehard, runDisney has created a race for you. With nine race series scheduled for 2016 (and one being in Disneyland Paris), Disney orchestrated perhaps the most impressive set of races ranging from 3.1 to 26 miles that not only include running through your favorite theme parks, but also the chance to snap some photos with your favorite characters.

Electric Run

fun run electric run

Photo Credit: Electric Run

Club or race? You decide. Electric runners dig out their neon and light up gear to get ready for a night race that will get your heart pumping and body moving. The Electric Run is elaborately set up with neon lighting and booming tunes throughout the entire course so you can dance your way to the finish line!

Cupid’s Undie Run

fun run cupids run

Photo Credit: Cupid’s Undie Run

Cupid’s Undie Run asks your to shed your clothes (just to your undies!) and run a mile in the probably freezing February temps. You mean that doesn’t sound fun? As the race claims, “We attract heroes, party animals, undie-lovers and the generous-as-hell.” If that doesn’t sound like you, then that’s fine too, I guess.

At the risk of sounding like a mother trying to make vegetables sound more appetizing than ice cream, I swear, running can be fun. Give one of these fun runs a try and tell me I’m wrong.

Did I forget a race? Share below your favorite non-runner races.

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