5 Fitness Apps You Need on Your Phone Now

5 Fitness Apps You Need on Your Phone Now



It would be pretty hard to live without a smartphone. It directs you when you’re lost, helps you find healthy restaurants (and everything else you need), and connects you with all of your friends and family members 24/7.  It can also help you stay as fit and active as possible.

Here are a few apps to download right now to healthify your smart phone.

1. Nike+ Training Club

Nike+ Training Club

For those days when you get to the gym and feel tired, cranky, and fresh out of fitness ideas—Nike has you covered. The app has over 100 workouts by Nike master trainers that you can stream on your phone or TV. You can customize each workout according to your ability and what body parts you want to focus on. This app makes working out as simple as pressing play.

2. Moves


If you don’t have a fitness wearable, this app is crucial to tracking your steps and daily activity. It records any walking, cycling, or running, and all you have to do is keep your phone on you. The app will track your distance, duration, steps, and calories burned. At the end of the day, you can review a timeline of your daily activities and see when you were moving the most.

3. Wahoo’s 7-Minute Workout

Wahoo’s 7-Minute Workout

In a time crunch and want a killer workout? Just download this app for challenging and effective workouts that you can do at home, in just seven minutes. You’ll break a sweat and burn calories fast.

4. Interval Timer

Interval Timer

All fitness junkies NEED this app on their phone. It’s a great timer to use for HIIT or Tabata-style workouts. You can plug in work time, rest time, and the number of times you’d like that combo to repeat. The app uses distinct noises to let you know when it’s time to work, and to cue when it’s time to rest.

5. C25K


Millions of people have used this app to conquer their first 5K race, so clearly it works! The app will start off your training program with routines where you alternate between running and walking. As you start working on your endurance, you’ll be doing more running than walking. The app encourages you to complete the workouts three times a week and each workout is about 30-40 minutes long. After eight weeks, you’ll be ready to cross the finish line!

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