Fit Tea - Does it Work? See Detox Results Before & After

Can Fit Tea Really Help You Detox?

Fit Tea Reviews

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There’s a new product out on the market, and everyone’s talking about it. It’s called Fit Tea. It’s organic, fat-burning and good for you – at least, that’s what the product’s website says. Can Fit Tea really be as beneficial to your health as it says? Can it really help you detox and feel better, just by drinking it? To put it simply, does Fit Tea work?

What is Fit Tea?

Fit Tea is an organic tea that contains ingredients like pomegranate, ginger, stevia and honey. For a minimum of $25.00 you can purchase a package of the loose leaf tea to reap its many promised health benefits, everything from a Fit Tea detox to increased energy and a metabolism boost. This tea is also gluten-free, dairy-free and non-GMO.

That all sounds great, right? Perhaps it is. Tea is good for you. The question is, can it really make you healthier? Is a Fit Tea detox really necessary? What kind of Fit Tea results are we looking at?

Does Fit Tea Work?

If you’re wondering if fit tea works, we’ve put together Fit Tea reviews to let you know exactly what it can do. Drinking Fit Tea every day will not hurt you. In fact, there are some health benefits to drinking tea. Tea contains antioxidants, which in very simple terms protect us from the elements and keep our bodies from breaking down. There is also more caffeine in tea than coffee. It may contribute to weight loss, but that effect could depend on the person.

Fit Tea results may be good and it may be good for you, but it isn’t going to produce big changes in a day, and it isn’t going to solve all your problems. Keep in mind that not all health advice, especially when it comes to weight loss and products that promise health benefits, can be applied to everyone. Everyone’s body is different and responds differently to different diet and exercise regimens.

Fit Tea claims to be able to give you more energy, boost your immune system and metabolism and burn fat. Some studies have tried to explain how this might work. However, on average you might only burn 100 additional calories at rest per day by drinking tea. Tea may help suppress appetite, but this could also be because drinking tea could end up replacing a snack high in fat and sugar.

Fit Tea Detox

Detoxing your body with tea will help cleanse your body of a daily build up of toxins. Drinking Fit Tea in the morning helps replenish lost electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. By drinking more at night, the Fit Tea detox helps with a laxative effect to clear out your body of waste. The detox can help launch your weight loss program by shredding water weight. This can help flatten your stomach, make you feel lighter, and look slimmer.

How to use Fit Tea as part of a healthy lifestyle

Fit Tea detox is sold in different quantities based on how many days you want to use it to “detox.” What does that really mean, though? Sure, you might get plenty of health benefits from drinking it, but there’s something you should know about the Fit Tea detox: there is no evidence that it’s necessary. Your body does a pretty good job of keeping toxins at bay, professionals promise. Drinking Fit Tea won’t benefit you that way, but that doesn’t mean it still can’t in other ways.

You can still incorporate tea into a moderate diet and exercise routine to optimize your health. Drinking tea in the afternoon instead of reaching for a high-calorie snack, for example, can help you cut down on empty calories and curb cravings for excessive junk food.

Drinking tea might also be able to give you more energy, at least temporarily, simply because it naturally contains caffeine. Replace that specialty coffee drink with more calories than you eat in an entire meal with a mug of Fit Tea for even more energy from caffeine without the added fat, sugar and calories.

What are the man ingredients of Fit Tea?

Fit Tea DetoxOrganic green tea – It’s loaded with antioxidants that have positive results on the body. The benefits include: fat loss, lower risk of cancer, improved brain function, and other more.

Does Fit Tea Work?Oolong Wu Yi – It’s created from grinding up the Camellia sinensis plant. It’s primarily used to help mental focus, prevent cancer, heart disease, tooth decay, and osteoporosis.

Fit Tea Results

Garcinia Cambogia – It’s an extract from a tropical fruit in Southeast Asia. It includes an ingredient called (HCA), which is said to inhibit the fat making process by blocking an enzyme called citrate lyase. Garcinia Cambogia also increases serotonin levels which helps suppress your appetite. Decreased levels of serotonin are associated with depression which causes people to eat emotionally. In theory, since serotonin levels go up, your mood is enhanced, and you won’t reach out for food in times of emotional distress.

Fit Tea Reviews

Guarana – It’s a plant found in the Amazon who’s seeds are used to brew a drink. It’s a stimulant used for weight loss and to reduce physical & mental fatigue. Many weight loss products use guarana as a main ingredient.

Fit Tea Detox

Pomegranate – Helps lower LDL cholesterol and raise HDL cholesterol.

Fit Tea Results

Stevia – Stevia is a sugar substitute that’s nearly 100 to 300 times sweeter than sugar. It’s an all-natural sweetener, has no carbs, no calories, and decreases your sugar cravings.

What are the side effects of Fit Tea?

Common side effects are related to its caffeine content and can cause: anxiety, increased heart rate, nervousness, nausea, headache, and dizziness. Do some research on fit tea results before digesting it.

There is nothing wrong with a Fit Tea detox and it tastes great! Just keep in mind that the hype almost never delivers its promised results. Just because you see positive results, doesn’t mean it can perform miracles.

How to use for best Fit Tea Results

If you want optimal Fit Tea results, follow these simple ideas:

  • Drink your one cup of Fit Tea every day.
  • Stay hydrated throughout the day. Stay away from sodas, since they dehydrate you and have tons of sugar.
  • Exercise 3-4 days a week. You will only enhance the effects of the Fit Tea Detox while getting in shape.
  • Trying a ketogenic diet along with it.

Kylie Jenner is a spokesperson for the Fit Tea brand and maybe on the Khloe Kardashian diet as well.

Where to buy Fit Tea?

Now that you’re about to start your Fit Tea adventure, here’s how you can buy it.

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