How to Survive Your First Spin Class

How to Survive Your First Spin Class

Have you ever wanted to try spinning?

Maybe you’re interested but are just a little scared. Your first spin class can be intense. There is a lot of sweat, loud music, and spandex.

first spin class

You’ve probably seen some of the people who attend Spin classes walking around the gym or coming out of cycling studios. The super fit guy with his fancy spandex shorts and funny shoes. Or the woman who always gets to class 10 minutes early so she can get the bike right in front of the instructor. Don’t be intimated. Those Spin nuts all started somewhere too.

Getting Started

The first step is always the hardest – sign up for a class and show up. Your first spin class is often free at many studios so give it a try! Once you’re in the studio you’ll be totally fine. It’s best to arrive a few minutes early and ask the instructor or anyone in the studio to help you fit your bike. People are friendly and always willing to help.

Items to Bring:

  • Water
  • Towel
  • Positive attitude

The First Class

Every Spin studio is different. Bikes vary between gyms and also within studios. Despite the differences, all spin bikes are generally the same. To properly fit yourself to the bike, stand next to the seat. Adjust the seat to the height of your hipbone. Now hop on the seat and spin one of your feet down to the bottom of the wheel, or about 6 o’clock, your knee should be almost fully extended. If not, adjust accordingly.

Now, spin your foot until it’s parallel to the floor. Your kneecap should align with your foot around the laces of your shoe or the center of the pedal. If it’s not, adjust your seat forward or backward until it does. Your handlebars are also adjustable. If this is your first spin class then keep them a bit higher so your back is straighter. As you cycle more and build core strength, you can start to lower the bars down a bit.

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Steps to Adjust Your Bike:

    1. Stand next to the bike and align the seat with your hipbone.
    2. Hop on the bike and spin one leg down to the 6 o’clock position. You should have a slight bend in the knees.
    3. Spin your foot so it’s parallel to the floor. Your kneecap should align with the laces of your shoe.
    4. Adjust handlebars to a comfortable height.

Once you’re on the bike it’s time for class! Tell the instructor that this is your first spin class that way he or she can help you in case you don’t understand the spin class terminology. Every instructor will use different spin class terminology so don’t worry too much if you don’t understand what he or she is saying right away. Remember to ride at your own pace. Don’t try to be the hero or you’ll just end up overexerted and hurt. If you need to rest, then rest. And drink lots of water!

After Effects

Once the class is over it’s time to clean the bikes. The studio will have some disinfectant and a rag. Use this to clean your bike off, as it will be full of sweat. No one wants your germs!

After class remember to stretch and drink lots of water. You’ll probably be sore for a day or two afterwards. It’s totally normal. If you find the seat rather uncomfortable then you can get bike shorts to help with the discomfort as bike shorts contain special padding in the butt area.

An hour of an indoor cycling class can burn upwards of 700-800 calories. So if you’re looking to burn some serious calories and a chance to lose 15 pounds in a month – if so, take your first spin class today!


  • Ride at your own pace
  • Drink lots of water
  • Learn to pace yourself during intervals
  • Ask questions if you don’t understand
  • Have fun!

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