Is Exercise Botox for the Brain?

Is Exercise Botox for the Brain?

botox for the brainWe’re usually looking for some instant gratification when it comes to exercise. We want to look better in our jeans and swimsuits and have more energy to get through the workday or chase our children around but what if each sweat session is lending itself to benefits you’ll realize years down the line?

Yes, you’ll keep your heart healthy and help prevent diabetes with a workout routine but think even further in the future. Medical journal, Neurology, recently published results of a 12-year-long joint study performed by researchers at both University of Miami and Columbia University that found older adults were able to reduce aging of the brain with regular, moderate to high-intensity exercise.

Researchers observed 876 people, most of which reported little to no exercise over the course of the study. Only 10 percent of participants reported that they regularly completed moderate to high-intensity exercise, including running, aerobics and/or calisthenics and the overwhelming 90 percent that engaged in only yoga, walking or even a sedentary lifestyle found their brains aged dramatically faster than their more active counterparts.

At the beginning, five years in and at the end of the study, participants reported on their current exercise routine and completed memory tests, thinking skills exams and a brain MRI. At only five years into the study, the brains of those that reported little to no activity had aged an equivalent of ten years beyond those that reported higher levels of exercise!

AARP estimates approximately 8,000 Americans turn 65 every single day. So whether or not you’re anywhere close to this turning point, guaranteed you know someone in this boat and they might feel like they’re floating toward more fun and adventure or that they’re on a sinking ship. These feelings probably rest heavily on his or her mental and physical health and since researchers continue to draw this link closer, no matter your age, make sure your fitness routine includes some moderate to high-intensity exercise to keep you young and sharp for years to come!

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