Why I Don't Take "Skinny" as a Compliment

Why I Don’t Take “Skinny” as a Compliment

i hate being skinny

If you’re a skinny fit girl, you’ll understand what I mean when I say I hate being called “skinny.” The main reason: that’s not the goal. When you set a fitness goal for yourself, even if it is to lose weight, fat loss doesn’t necessarily mean skinny.

Skinny fit girls work hard, am I right?! Building muscle, while losing fat, all the meanwhile keeping the curves you want in all the right places, is no easy task.

We don’t lift heavy weights and sweat our bums off with the right type of cardio that burns fat instead of muscle to look “skinny.” We do it to look lean, toned, and ultimately fit. Hearing someone say, “wow, you look like you workout” is a bigger compliment than someone telling me I look “skinny.” And of course, I know there is nothing wrong with being thin, and most people who use the word skinny when observing and complimenting skinny fit girls most likely mean it as a compliment. But coming from a fit girl, if you are wanting to compliment us and our hard work “skinny” isn’t the way to go. Try using some of these words instead, and I bet you’ll see a fit girl light up!

It’s the golden word. The goal. The result fit girls want. The word that comes to mind when you think of those Instagram fitness models. Tell a fit girl she looks “toned,” and you are speaking her language.

Simply put, fit girls like to be recognized as fit. It’s like telling someone that you can see they spend time and effort taking care of themselves, and they look great!

When a skinny fit girl works hard and loses some of the fat that’s been hanging around, “lean” is a perfect word to describe her hard work.

I work hard for my muscles, and if you can see them, let me know! Telling a fit girl she looks muscular will not  make her feel like you are telling her she looks like one of those super huge, sweaty guys you can hear grunting throughout the whole gym. It simply means you can see her hard work, and those heavy weights she is lifting are paying off.

Strong, powerful, like Wonder Woman, any of those will work. Fit girls are fierce and are ready to take on the world. If you see that in a fit girl, let her know!

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