Don’t Sweat It!

Don’t Sweat It!

Hair & Beauty Tricks To Keep Your Cool During Your Sweat Sesh

don't sweat itStop skipping workouts! These hair and beauty tips make it look as if you never broke a sweat. So, go sneak out to that mid-day spin class or extend an awesome blowout.

Do Double Duty

“When you’re constantly on the go, it can be hard to keep up with your beauty routine and #selfcaresunday often gets skipped.  I’m always looking for ways to fit it all in, so I was psyched when my hairstylist shared her secret for never missing a weekly hair treatment,” says Chelsea Kocis, Co-founder of SWERVE Fitness. Spoiler alert: Treating tresses while you workout does double-duty for the hair and body.

“Most hair masks require steam or heat for maximum results. Once a week, I apply my favorite non-toxic hair mask (her pick: Josh Rosebrook Enrich Intensive Hair Mask), throw my hair up in a bun and head to a SWERVE cycling class,” explains Kocis. According to her hairstylist, the heat generated during a high-intensity workout is enough to activate the mask. “After the 45-minute sweat sesh, I wash out the mask and my hair is left feeling soft and hydrated!”

Stop Sweat Before It Starts

Prevent a workout from wreaking havoc on your locks with an accessory that will nix a sweat-soaked hairline. According to NYC celebrity hairstylist Ryan Darius of Vidov Salon, a bandanna is the season’s hottest hair accessory. Bonus: It’s perfect for pushing back bangs and absorbing sweat and oil along the hairline. Try folding a bandana into a headband; then, use it to wrap around a messy bun, push hair back away from the hairline, tie up a ponytail, weave through a loose braid or smooth back bangs or baby hairs that get greasy and matted.

Prep With Products

Keep the right supplies stashed in your tote. Essentials include dry shampoo or a dry texturizing spray, two-in-one makeup like a CC cream and lip/cheek tint; a no-rinse body cleanser or shower sheets; fragrance mist; and a pack of face cleansing wipes (in a pinch, you can also use one to cleanse the body when you don’t have time to hit the shower). Having these must-haves on hand will help you maximize the time spent working out and minimize how long it takes to get back to your day!

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