Contribute Articles or Media

Contribute Articles or Media

Fitness Goals Call for Submissions


Content Submissions

Fitness Goals Welcomes Your Participation!

Hey fellow fitness lover! We’re so happy you’re interested in contributing content to! We love offering our users the latest trends and information in fitness/wellness from some of today’s leading experts. Errr … you are an expert aren’t you? Like, you have some certified credentials when it comes to fitness/wellness? You don’t have to be an MD (though we do love content from MD’s!), but you need to have some level of education and training if you want to submit your content here. Desired credentials: Certified Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, Yoga Instructors, Medical Doctors, Licensed Nurse Practitioners, Fitness/Health Academics, etc.

Articles featured on cover relevant fitness/wellness topics that will help readers attain a healthier, more fit lifestyle. Readers trust our content because it is educational, balanced, engaging, and written by credentialed professionals in the fitness field. Article submissions should include research with facts and/or statistics that would interest our readers, without sounding self-serving. If we think that an article is publishable, but contains promotional content, we will request that the author resubmit the article after those references are removed or reworded.

Articles should be submitted by email as a Google doc. We reserve the right to edit all submissions for length, style and clarity.

Our article topics are based on our categories. Your submissions should reflect our existing content, with solid research and source authority being paramount. In this spirit, we only accept content from credentialed professionals.

All submissions should be sent to: [email protected]

Article Guidelines

Length: 650 – 1,000 words, with most coming in around 750 words.

Style: Articles should be written in layman’s terms, and impart imperative information in a way that does not sound self-serving. Most of all, they should be written in your own voice. Don’t go putting on airs for us, trying to make everything sound so smart. Give it to us straight, in an informative and entertaining way. That’s all we ask.

Rather than tackling a vast subject, it is better to focus on a particular segment (Example: Using Yoga to Alleviate Back Pain, rather than Everything About Yoga Ever).

We reserve the right to edit all submissions for accuracy, style, and tone.

Please include a brief biography at the end of your article. Make sure to include your credentials!

Additional Notes

If your article has been published elsewhere, we’re probably not interested. We want your
original, unpublished content.

We cannot guarantee publication, and if accepted, we may not publish your piece immediately. If you would like us to keep the submission for future consideration, please let us know when submitting your article.

We reserve the right to edit your submission to fit our site’s style and tone.