8 Celebs To Follow for Arm Inspiration

8 Celebs To Follow for Arm Inspiration

Summer is right around the corner, which means it’s time to break out the sleeveless shirts and halter top dresses, and while you might be freaking out about toning your tummy, you should also consider some last-minute exercises for you arms.

Whether you want strong arms like Jess, long and lean arms like Gwyneth, look like a Kardashian by starting the Khloe Kardashian diet, or want to see a Kaley Cuoco arm workout, we’ve rounded up the top celebrities that you should follow for total arm inspiration.

Once you get a look at these lovely ladies shoulders and arms you will totally find your motivation to go grab some dumbbells, do some extra push-ups and get a few months of last minute workouts in, right in time for summer.

1. Jessica Biel @jessicabiel

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Jessica is known for her amazing strong arms and triceps, so if you want motivation to hit the gym this is it.  This wife and mom is a true superwoman who clearly maintains her gym schedule.

2. Kate Hudson @katehudson

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She has her own fitness line, so obviously she spends some time at the gym.  Kate has lean and tone arms and is super motivation for anyone who is looking to get into summer shape.

3. Eva Longoria @evalongoria

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This tanned goddess has a super hot bad to match, including long and lean arms that look perfect for any red carpet appearance.

4. Ashley Greene @ashleygreene

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If you want shoulder inspiration, you should totally follow Ashley Greene. Ashley has perfectly toned shoulders that everyone dreams of having to pair perfectly with their summer halter tops and dresses.

5. Reese Witherspoon @reesewitherspoon

What isn’t to love about Reese, from her smile to her bubbly personality she seems so relatable. On top of that she has a great body, and slender slightly toned arms. She is a go-to follow if you want a smile and some inspiration all in one.

6. Jessica Alba @jessicaalba

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Jessica’s Instagram is full of ‘gym’spiration, ‘style’spiration and of course arm’spiartion.’ Plus you can always count on her throwing up a sweaty post-workout gram that will make you feel like you can not only relate to her but also achieve her fitness goals. Check out this 30 day arm challenge to get arms like Jessica.

7. Gwyneth Paltrow @gwynethpaltrow

This health and fitness junky has a body to match. Gwyneth has a great body and slender long arms and always posts pics of her and her kids.

8. Kaley Cuoco @normancook

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If you are following Kaley Cuoco fitness you are also following her dog, Norman. Kaley has a great body and super strong arms. She has a full figure and is proud of it and is a super inspiration for anyone who is trying to get into shape for the summer.

They may not be as fit as these women, but check out Melissa McCarthy weight loss and Ashley Graham’s weight loss regimen for inspiration.


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