2017 Exercises and Workouts to Lose Weight - Burn Fat, Get Fit

Exercises and Workouts

Recent and Relevant Ways to Fitness

Which exercises and workouts are right for you? The ones that work best for your personal needs, of course. Find everything you need to create the optimal exercise and workout plan to hit your fitness goals.

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Exercises and Workouts

Walk into any gym and you’ll see a hundred people doing a thousand different things. With all of those options, how’s a girl to know which ones are best for her? Should you take group classes; sweat it to the oldies on the elliptical; hide out in the corner stretching; or get down and dirty in the weight room? The answer is one hundred percent dependent on your goals -- except we always advise against spending your entire workout stretching your hammies (unless you’re stalking someone, then it’s cool). Our substantial list of exercises and workouts will help you narrow down exactly what you should be doing to reach your fitness goals. Because no one wants to look clueless at the gym, we even have beginner’s guides for a ton of different workouts to get you started in an area where you may not have the slightest clue -- ya, we’ve got you covered.