Moms are Ditching Coffee & Enjoying Endless Energy with this Nutrient

How Busy Moms Are Ditching Coffee, Enjoying All-Day Energy, and Fighting Off ‘Sick Days’… With This ONE Nutrient!

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Being a mom is hard work.

And there are two dangers that can derail your entire mission of being a super mom and keeping the home together.

Being drained of ENERGY and falling SICK!

For busy moms like you, there’s no such thing as “calling in sick.” Your partner, if you have one, may pick up the slack every now and then, but you know you need a lasting solution.

What if you could become that naturally perky, super-mom with boundless energy that helped you glide through busy days with a glowing smile that leaves them wondering, “How does she make it all look so easy?”

And, wouldn’t it be nice to have a bullet-proof immune system that keeps you healthy and strong, giving you more up-time and less sick-time?

Even better, after you get it ALL done each day, what if you still had enough energy and motivation to squeeze in a body sculpting workout so you can get back into those cute jeans you haven’t worn since college? 🙂 Wouldn’t that be awesome?

After all, everybody knows you want the best for your children; so you’ll sleep better each night knowing you’ve not only given your family your best, but you’ve also given your best to YOU!

If it’s boundless energy and a bullet-proof immune system you’re after, certainly you’ve considered one of the world’s most powerful super-nutrients – Vitamin C.

After all, it’s academically studied, well-documented, and clinically proven that Vitamin C holds the power to not only provide energy and defend against the common cold and flu, but it actually has many other hidden benefits as well.

Most recently, it’s been discovered that one particular type of vitamin C is more potent and absorbent in the body. This is the source of vitamin C that’s proving to many users that the claims of academic studies are right on.

That’s right, moms everywhere are kissing their days of sluggish energy and weak immune system goodbye, and raving about a NEW source of vitamin C that’s transforming their health and delivering all-day energy, the natural way.

So powerful, in fact, that many moms are dumping the coffee, energy drinks, over-the-counter drugs, and popular, store-bought vitamin supplements! This is great news in light of the fact that these products are often filled with harmful sweeteners, artificial flavoring, filler ingredients, and sometimes even harsh chemicals.

Introducing…Advanced “Liposomal” Vitamins!

The New Secret Weapon For Moms That’s FAR Better Than Typical, Fad Vitamin C Pills and Powders.

Liposomal vitamins are a breakthrough type of Vitamin C that are far more powerful than the popular, store-bought Vitamin C’s, which are hardly effective, and often just downright unhealthy.

Liposomal Vitamin C is well documented and clinically proven to naturally support:

  • Better, stronger immune system – so the chances of you ‘coming down with something’ greatly shrink, and you can spend more time being the Wonder Woman your family needs you to be.
  • Combating stress and uplifting your mood, so you naturally feel empowered to take on all the craziness of daily mom-life with grace.
  • Increased energy just moments after taking it, so you can put on your Super-Mommy cape and save the world with energy to spare.
  • Anti-aging, fewer wrinkles and an overall youthful, radiant appearance.
  • Inflammation, which, according to an article in EMBO Reports2, is a root of many health problems.
  • Developing and repairing body tissues, so you can recover and renew your health from the inside out.

If there were ever a secret weapon that should have been recommended in the mommy-manual most of us never got, it’s Liposomal Vitamin C.

If you’re like most readers by now, you’re already thinking “ok, I get why I NEED to be taking this incredible supplement daily, then click here to claim a free full-sized bottle of Liposomal Vitamin C from VitaBetter in this exclusive deal we’ve arranged for’s loyal readers (while supplies last)!

What the Health Supplement Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know…

Why Most Regular Vitamin C Supplements Don’t Work.

Truth be told, stop blaming yourself for having low energy even though you’re doing the right thing. It’s not your fault.

The disturbing truth is that the health supplement industry has become quite a dirty game. Supplement companies are notorious for cutting corners, making misleading claims, and using marketing hype to make a sale.

Did you know that in 2015 the Attorney General tested herbal products sold at GNC®, WalMart®, Walgreens®, and Target®, and found that 79% of them did not contain the herbs claimed on the label?

Unknowingly, brands will buy these products, slap their logo on some bottles and sell, sell, sell. Even some of the most popular brands you’re familiar with are very guilty of using LOW amounts of effective ingredients.

Most Vitamin C supplements on the market don’t use naturally sourced ingredients. Plus, most of these products are filled with artificial sweeteners, hormones, colors, and preservatives, making them less absorbable and more harmful – even toxic.

Fact: The Average Absorption Rate For the Majority of Vitamin Supplements Is A Shockingly Low 10 – 20%!

The result?


Too many sick days and not enough energy to make it through the day – let alone enjoy the day.

Imagine Having A Different Kind Of Vitamin C That’s Pure, Free Of Harmful Sweeteners and Filler Ingredients, and Has A Staggering 95% Absorption Rate…

So You Actually FEEL The Difference Within Moments Of Taking It!

Jesse Golden, 185K Followers, Holistic Health Practitioner, Yoga Teacher – “Better C is my first go to for immune support for my family and myself. I had my whole family taking it when one of us had a cold and it healed the sick and prevented the others from getting sick.?”

It’s called Better C by VitaBetter, aka the ‘Super Mom Fuel’ for unbeatable health and energy. And guess what? They are giving away an entire 30-day supply of it FOR FREE for our readers! Click here to access this exclusive deal!

It uses a highly advanced encapsulation process called ‘liposomal’, which mimics a normal cell inside your body.

So your body absorbs it at a FAR higher rate than most Vitamin C supplement pills and powders.

In fact…

VitaBetter’s ‘Liposomal’ Vitamin C Holds A World-Record 95% Absorption Rate!

(Yup, you read that right. Your body can absorb a whopping 95% this Vitamin C.)

Which means you quickly feel your body’s energy levels naturally increase, along with an amazing sense of well-being and immune defense.

Read real and honest reviews:

“I instantly fell in love with Better C by VitaBetter ! I used to get sick pretty often and it was a huge disruption in not only my life, but in my family’s life too. Now, with Better C, I’ve felt a huge boost in my immune system and I honestly feel indestructible! I have the health and energy I need to be the best woman and super mom there is! Thanks VitaBetter!”

-Ria, 45, Mother of 2

“Not usually one to leave a review, but this product is amazing!I started taking VitaBetter liposomal vitamin c with my family just a week ago. My kids love it because as they say “their water tastes so good!” And I love it because they’re actually taking their vitamins. As a mom, I was desperate for something to give me a an extra boost of energy and to fight of colds. I always feel peppy and ready to take on the day after I’ve had my VitaBetter.

– Corey Williams, 40, Women’s Rights Activist, Photographer, Mother of 3

“I have been indestructible since taking Liposomal Vitamin C (“Better C”)! This is a crazy improvement because I used to get sick 10 times a year! And I’m not exaggerating… it felt like I had some version of the cold/flu every single month. It greatly affected my work (all of the time off) and my ability to spend time with my family and friends. Since I started taking Better C, I have been healthier, happier and more energized! Saying I feel “better” is an understatement! I feel amazing!”

– Maria, Mother of 2

“I’ve got a lot on my plate. Running two businesses, traveling all the time and being a full-time mom for my 5 amazing kiddos can really take a lot out of me. There are times when I just feel completely drained and unproductive. Now, I just take my Better C by VitaBetter ! It gets my health and my energy back at full speed so I can keep going without burning out. Morning, noon and night, I’m ready to go, go, go! My team and clients see the difference and so do my kids!

– Lori Taylor, Entrepreneur, CEO, Mother of 5

“Two of my biggest loves in life are my family and my health. As I got older, I noticed my workouts have gotten shorter and a bit sluggish. And when I was in Mom-mode, I was only running at about 60% — and feeling exhausted all the time. Now that I have my secret weapon (Better C) I’m performing and competing at a whole new level! I have non-stop energy, I can’t remember the last time I was sick, and my kids love their Super Mama 🙂 Look out world!”

– Jodie, Fitness Competitor, Mother of 2


Busy moms who’ve tried everything are turning to ‘Better C’ by VitaBetter, and reporting that they’re finally…

  • Sustaining all-day, natural energy that fuels them to spin all the plates of their busy lives with ease, and still have enough energy to get 2-3 body-sculpting workouts in each week
  • Enjoying more up-time and far less sick days, so they’re at peak-performance day in and day out
  • Improving their health with 100% naturally-sourced ingredients that are super-healthy and pure, unlike other supplements filled with harmful ingredients
  • Experiencing better relationships with their children, partner, co-workers and friends, because there’s more to give – they finally feel ‘complete’

What’s the difference?

The amazing natural nutrients it delivers without any of the junk:

  • Only pure, pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C.
  • Sunflower – This contains the proprietary, Non-GMO and very pure blend of phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylethanolamine, which greatly help your brain and liver.
  • Ultrapure Water – the water used in our formula exceeds water for injection requirements. It’s so pure and so clean, it has all the minerals and bacteria completely taken out.
  • Delicious taste that comes only from natural fruit and plant-based ingredients, and in liquid form that easily mixes with water or your favorite drink.
  • No soy or dairy. Just natural, non-gluten, alcohol-free, vegan, and non-GMO Vitamin C.


And of course, you finally get an incredible amount of the vitamin finally reaching its destination inside your body at a jaw-dropping 95% absorption – through the use of liposomes.

Simply put…

Liposomal vitamins are a breakthrough that is transforming people’s health, unlike anything we’ve seen with supplements.

And ‘Better C’ by VitaBetter is leading the way with advanced liposomal vitamins.

Plus, they are giving away $30 worth of high-quality, premium vitamins right now for FREE!

So, if you’re ready to stop flushing your hard earned money down the drain on junky, sugary, sometimes TOXIC vitamins and supplements, and want to start giving your body the best quality, highest-absorption vitamins on the planet, then please click here now!

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