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Blood Type Diet Plan – Weight Loss Results Before and After Reviews

Eat Right for Your Blood Types

So you want to go on a diet. You have your reasons – maybe you have tried losing weight just by eating less and it has yet to show significant results.

Maybe you just know you’re not eating right, and need some kind of plan or incentive to get your eating habits on track. Yet when you try to search for the best diets, the results are overwhelming: there are dozens!

What about a diet where you eat right for your blood type?

It turns out the type of antigens in our blood might have a bit of an impact on our health. According to the blood type diet, you should be eating for your blood type because it’s in your best interest.

This article will overview what the blood type diet is, why blood type may be significant for your diet, how to eat for your blood type and the potential risks and benefits of going on the blood type diet.

Continue reading to find out more about the blood type diet plan and read honest reviews.

Blood Type Diet Review

Eating for Your Blood Type

Popularized in the late 1990s, the blood type diet is a series of four separate recommended diets based on a person’s blood type (A, B, AB or O, respectively). Each blood type is believed to have genetic ties to our ancestors depending on the type of foods they had accessible to them. Each of the four diets closely resembles similar diets, such as vegetarianism, and is often a diet used to promote weight loss.

Why does blood type matter?

  1. According to Eat Right 4 Your Type author Dr. Peter D’Adamo, your blood type has a direct influence on the way your body reacts to various stimuli, including food and stress.
  2. D’Adamo suggests blood type might be able to predict the chronic diseases you are more likely to develop throughout your life.
  3. Your blood type may also affect how you respond to stress.
  4. We may have evolved differently from one another, depending on our diets, to break down certain nutrients in different ways based on our blood type.

The most important message behind blood type diet theory, however, is that every single person is different. Just because there are government regulated dietary guidelines meant for entire populations to follow does not mean what works for you will work for someone else. Knowing this, we can use Dr. D’Adamo’s recommendations to cater to our personal dietary needs as much as possible, or at least use them as a starting point to eat right for your blood type.

Blood Type Diet Plan Basics and Rules

In order to get a positive blood type diet experience, you first need to fully understand the diet and what eating for your blood type entails. Depending on your blood type (A, B, AB or O) you will follow a specific set of food recommendations while following the blood type diet. Here are foods you should be eating for your blood type.

Type A Positive Blood Type Diet

Blood Type A Diet

The blood type of an A positive blood type diet will follow a plant based diet rich in foods such as fruits and vegetables. This diet in particular is very similar to a vegetarian diet.

Do eat:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Seafood
  • Tofu
  • Grains (that do not contain wheat)
  • Legumes (peas, beans)

Do not eat:

  • Any other source of red meat (steak, pork, beef, etc.)
  • Chicken, turkey
  • Kidney and lima beans
  • Dairy products (milk, cheese)
  • Foods containing wheat

Type B

Eat Right for Your Blood Type Diet

Of all four diet types within the blood type diet, this is the one that includes the most foods. Only a few foods are off limits, allowing those with type B blood to consume a wider variety of foods and food groups while still eating for your blood type.

Do eat:

  • All meat except chicken
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Dairy products
  • Legumes
  • Grains

Do not eat:

  • Corn
  • Any foods containing wheat
  • Lentils

Type AB

Eat Right for Your Blood Type

As you can probably guess, those with type AB blood consume a diet that is a combination of the previous two sets of recommendations (for type A and B). Key features of this diet include the inclusion of some meats versus no meat, emphasis on eliminating red meat and corn.

Do eat:

  • Grains
  • Legumes
  • Tofu
  • Seafood
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • White meat (chicken, turkey)
  • Dairy products

Do not eat:

  • Red meat
  • Corn
  • Kidney and Lima beans
  • Seeds

Type O


Eating for Your Blood Type

In order to eat right for your blood type, if you’re type O, you will follow dietary recommendations that are very similar to those given to individuals who want to adopt the Paleo diet. It is a high protein diet that focuses primarily on meat and seafood.

Do eat:

  • All meats
  • Fish and seafood
  • Fruits and vegetables

Do not eat:

  • Wheat
  • Corn
  • Kidney beans
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower

Dietary supplements

Because each blood type is believed to be more likely to develop specific conditions, different dietary supplements are required to go along with each diet in order to prevent certain chronic conditions.

  • Type A: bladderwrack, deglycyrrhizinated licorice
  • Type O: Calcium and B vitamins (avoid vitamins A and E)

Here is a more detailed list of common supplements and which blood type should consume or avoid them.

Menu and Meal Planning

Eat for Your Blood Type

Because Type B is the most inclusive of the four blood type diet plans, we will include a sample type B blood diet menu, snack options and suggested grocery items to make it easier to eat for your blood type. Switch out different snacks and recipes to adapt to your specific blood type recommendations.

Breakfast Menu

  • Avocado tomato omelette
  • Strawberries and yogurt

Lunch Menu

  • Taco salad (ground beef, beans, lettuce, sour cream, cheese)
  • Fried rice

Dinner Menu

  • Salad with apples, cheese and protein
  • Half twice baked potato
  • Steak

Ideas For Snacks

  • Half bagel with cheese
  • Rice cakes
  • Cherry tomatoes with goat cheese
  • Celery sticks with hummus
  • Sweet potato fries

Grocery Shopping List

Eat Right for Your Blood Type

  • Beans
  • Peas
  • Fresh cheese, milk, cream
  • White and brown rice
  • Apples
  • Grapes
  • Bananas
  • Berries (strawberries, blueberries)
  • Fish (salmon, tuna, tilapia)
  • Beef
  • Steak
  • Carrots
  • Potatoes
  • Tomatoes
  • Celery
  • Spinach
  • Lettuce
  • Peppers

Does the Blood Type Diet Work?

That really depends on your goal. Everyone has a different reason for going on a popular diet. Some use dieting as a springboard to launch them into healthier eating patterns. Others use dieting strictly for weight loss purposes. While much of the scientific evidence behind the blood type diet has been disproven over the years, that does not necessarily mean it is not a diet worth trying. Here’s why.

The thing is, all four of these diets encourage a variety of food groups, often organic, whole and fresh. Regardless of which diet you would adopt based on your blood type, if you follow the instructions, you will automatically be taking steps toward a much healthier lifestyle just by eating well. So even if you’re not actually eating for your blood type, you’re still eating right for health and potential weight loss. This could have something to do with your blood type, but the more probable cause is your newfound well balanced eating patterns.

Regardless, this is one of those diets that certainly will not hurt you in the short term. Like many popular diets out there, this one can serve as a starting point for you, teaching you how to be more mindful of the foods you choose to purchase and prepare and practicing how to replace processed foods with more fresh, minimally processed options. If you just happen to eat right for your blood type and gain other health benefits, so be it.

Other benefits of the blood type diet

  1. Generalized nutrition recommendations targeted toward an entire population are ineffective, because every person’s body is different. The blood type diet takes that into account, and attempts to take a more individualized approach to dietary needs.
  2. This diet encourages people to eat fewer processed foods.
  3. More plant based diets have amazing health benefits such as diabetes prevention and improved heart health.

Are there any potential risks in or disadvantages to going on the blood type diet?

  1. On this diet you will be asked to take a variety of dietary supplements for optimal health, which are not reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration before they are marketed to the public.
  2. The diet does recommend eliminating some food groups depending on blood type, which is not necessarily the best way to go about eating healthier.
  3. And of course, while a lack of scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of this diet does not mean you should instantly cross it off your list of possibilities, many still believe the claims behind blood type dieting. If you are going to try this diet, just know that it may work, but not for the reasons D’Adamo has claimed.

Reviews and Weight Loss Results

While not everyone may buy into eating for your blood type, we’ve found a couple women who have had a positive blood type diet experience and now swear by the diet, once you see their results you’ll see why!

Valeria (@lifeinspiredwellness)

valeria before and after

“I have been doing the Blood Type Diet for the past 3 years. I have lost a total of 45 pounds since starting this lifestyle.

I have been successful with this lifestyle because I am eating foods that make sense to my body!  All my life I have been naturally drawn to certain foods.  Other foods have always seemed to cause me trouble and researching my blood type, all my cravings make perfect sense!  Our bodies know what’s best for us!  The most difficult part of switching to this plan is simply changing habits, and having difficulty eating out.  But if you want something bad enough, you always find a way!

This way of life is easier than it seems!  Your body was designed in a special way and when you look at the list that is recommended for your blood type, the first thing out of your mouth will be “This makes so much sense!”  No one diet fits for everyone, but this diet wasn’t made for just one, it’s made for all so you can eat right for your blood type!”

Before and After Success Stories

Michelle (@chelebeezy)

michelle before


michelle after


“I started my journey in September of 2014, so about 2 years now. I was originally 270lbs. In my first year , I lost 100lbs, I didn’t workout at all, I had no time between my college courses, studying for boards, and clinical internship, and then working 2 jobs to get back on my feet after leaving my ex of 10 years. (my weight was then 170lbs) By a year and a half, I was  -125lbs, (body weight of 145lbs) my weight loss numbers slowed because I took up weightlifting and was doing less cardio. To date I’m still down 125lbs, and I just started round 3 of strict diverticulosis diet and cardio so I expect to reach my goal weight of 135 hopefully in a few months, I’m in no rush as this point, it’s become more of being happy with how I look and how my clothes fit vs. numbers on a scale.

The health benefits I have noticed are night and day difference from my old body. I couldn’t walk for more then 30 minutes at a time when I first started, I was exhausted, my feet would hurt, and I felt like I should give up. I breathe easier, my mind feels clearer, I sleep better, depression is gone, and I feel the healthiest I have ever been in my life… I attribute that to the diet, as I mentioned I WASN’T hitting the gym and the weight MELTED OFF OF ME. During the first 2 months I lost 40lbs.  Now I interval run with no joint or feet inflammation, I have more stamina in the gym, and I look forward to my workouts instead of avoiding them like the plague. Funny how that works.  I love to be a sweaty hot mess and challenge myself to be better than I was yesterday in all aspects of my life.

Difficult Part: Giving up foods I loved because they did not benefit my blood type. SUCH AS CARBS, I LOVE BREAD, but the diet is right, when I eat it I hate how I feel/look. It bloats my belly and makes me feel run down and gross. *groan* (I’m type O, so we are high protein, low carb, no gluten, wheat, or dairy. I also throw in no soy to the best of my ability.) Giving up milk/ice cream/sweets/munchie foods was also hard, I grew up eating them as my go-to snacks… Another thing I ran into was that my taste buds changed once my body adjusted to the diet. I started automatically losing a taste for the foods I wasn’t supposed to eat. For example, brussel sprouts… I USED TO LOVE BRUSSEL SPROUTS. I know, I know, I was a weird kid. BUT NOW I HATE BRUSSEL SPROUTS, I have tried everything, I literally can’t be around them, I find them nauseating. Haha.

Easiest Part: Hydrating. I love to drink water, it’s actually my drink of choice, so that was easy. Drinking water is really important for weight loss, you have to hydrate your body enough for it to properly function and to keep your cells nice/plump and happy.  I drink about half of my body weight in ounces each day minimum. Supplementing that with fit tea has helped suppress my appetite and speed up my metabolism.

Just keep in mind that everyone is different. Many people feel that the blood type diet is just a fad diet, but I feel that it truly works for me. I use it in combination with calorie counting in portion control. I prep all of my meals for the week, this way I’m less tempted to eat outside of the foods I am logged on my blood type spectrum. I buy healthy snacks that are allowed for my blood type. It’s important to take a multivitamin in general to make sure your body is getting the new trans fat it requires outside of the food you eat, but when buying your multivitamin, try to find one with the least amount of fillers. I buy gluten free, soy free, dairy free gummy vitamins because of course, I’m a giant five year old at heart, and they better fit into my diet without messing anything up. These are just some tips, you don’t have to follow them if you don’t want to. Everyone’s journey is different and no one has the right to judge you for trying to better yourself. Don’t let the negative Nancy’s bring you down. And if your name is Nancy don’t be offended, LOL. You are awesome for even attempting to better yourself whether you choose the blood type diet or not I wish you the best of luck in your journey. I looked into paleo diet reviews and found that the blood type diet was the better diet for me. I recommend you do the same and compare different types of diets that will work for you.

PS. If you need anyone to cheer you on along the way, I’ll be glad to be that person. It’s easier to accomplish when you feel like you are not alone and you have someone supporting you even when you make mistakes. I’m not perfect, no one is, and to think that you have to be perfect to succeed, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Like I said before, this is a journey, it’s a life change, take it day by day and do the best that you can. It’s not about how many times you fall, it’s about how many times you stand up and keep pushing forward. Stay strong, and enjoy your life, tomorrow isn’t promised. If you need some motivation along the way, my Instagram is @chelebeezy. Feel free to follow me on my journey, and occasional ridiculousness for giggles.”


Is there any validity to this diet?

Technically, the Blood Type Diet isn’t in any way unhealthy. The foods recommended for each blood type provide the protein, fat, and fiber necessary to live healthfully, at least throughout the duration of the diet.

Is there any evidence that eating based on your blood type has any specific health benefits compared to other diets? No. Following the diet certainly won’t hurt you, but the claims behind why this diet works aren’t supported by any research.

Whether or not the diet works for you, though, really depends on your goals. Will the diet have some kind of miraculous effect on your health overnight? Of course not — a diet like that does not exist. If you want to lose weight, cutting out processed foods and refined sugars, as this diet recommends, might help you achieve that. So in that regard, it might help you reach your goals. Whether or not that’s because you’re eating the right foods for your specific blood type is still up for debate.

Dieting is never easy, which is why there are so many resources out there to help you find the information you are looking for. Always keep in mind that dieting of any kind only works if you fulfill two requirements: one, do it for the right reasons, and two, go all in. Changing your lifestyle takes effort and determination.

If you want to live healthier, either decide to do it, or don’t. This diet might help you, and it might not: everyone is different. That is something you will have to decide for yourself.

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