6 Benefits Of Exercising That Have Nothing To Do With Losing Weight

6 Benefits Of Exercising That Have Nothing To Do With Losing Weight

6 Benefits Of Exercising That Have Nothing To Do With Losing Weight

Exercise is one of those things you either love as the one thing that keeps you grounded and in shape, or hate as a torturous activity. Yet exercise is so much more than a tool to keep your weight down.

Doctors, health enthusiasts, and fitness fanatics attest that regular exercise can help with weight loss, but they’ll also give you plenty of other reasons it ought to be a part of your lifestyle.  

There are countless other benefits for getting your heart rate up. Read on for the 5 benefits that matter the most.

  • It eases anxiety and stress.
    In the U.S. alone, anxiety disorders affect 40 million adults. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, one of the best ways to battle it is with regular exercise, whether that is a quick walk or a leisurely jog.

  • It boosts your energy levels.
    On days when you’re feeling sluggish, a little exercise should be the go-to for that much-needed energy boost. Research shows that aerobic exercise increases blood flow carrying oxygen and nutrients to muscle tissues, which aids your body in producing more energy. The next time a cat nap is calling your name, instead, get those feet moving for a surefire fix.

  • It makes you more confident.
    While we can all agree that a toned tummy and tush motivate us to fit into that crop top or teeny bikini, it’s not all about weight or size. A study on the relationship between work-life balance and exercise concluded that people who exercise regularly are more confident, as they can handle the many stresses life throws at them.

  • It gives you a better night’s sleep.
    Between technology, stress, and a neverending to-do list, it’s no wonder so many of us complain of sleep deprivation and poor sleep quality. But before you turn to sleeping pills, exercise for a more lasting sleep treatment. Research shows getting your heart rate up on a regular basis works to strengthen your circadian rhythms and energizes you throughout the day.

  • It boosts productivity.
    Ever feel like you can’t manage to get enough work done in a day? Procrastination and constant distractions may get the best of you now, but exercise can make the best of you if you discipline yourself to it. Exercise provides you with more brain cells through a process called neurogenesis. Research has also found that exercise can boost memory, which can come in handy when you’re trying to complete tasks.

Go out there and exercise. You won’t regret it.

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