Ashley Graham's Workouts, Weight Loss and Diet Journey

Ashley Graham’s Weight Loss and Diet Journey

A-List Workout: How Ashley Graham Firmed Up Fast

Ashley Graham shows off her sexy curves

We should all be as confident and comfortable in our own skin as Ashley Graham. The 28-year old plus size model and designer is known for embracing and flaunting her killer curves. And, now, she’s also killing it in the gym. Just check out her Instagram, where she shares near daily pics of her calorie-blasting, muscle-sculpting and body-toning workouts.

Ashley Grahm Weight Loss Photos

Ashley Graham has always had a killer bod. Scroll through the slide show to see her progression.

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Ashley Graham’s Diet

Ashley Graham sipping a green juice

Photo Credit: Instagram @theashleygrahm

Ashley Graham eats a very healthy diet filled with fruits veggies and full grains. She has a green juice everyday! She said in an interview with StyleCaster that her favorite juice is kale, lemon, ginger, beets, apple and parsley and her favorite snack is Chocolate Tree chia crackers.

Ashley Graham’s Weight Loss Secret

One secret to her sleek, newly slimmed down silhouette: Sweat sessions at NYC hotspot The Dogpound, known for its model clientele. Gym co-founder and her trainer Dawin Pena shared a workout he developed with Graham in mind in an interview with Women’s Health, explaining: “Generally we do weights with a high rep count and some calisthenics in between to get her heart rate up.”

Ashley Graham Workout Moves

To score similar results, try the following moves, all which torch calories while firming, toning and creating all-over definition.


ashley graham does squats for weight loss

Firm, lift and define that booty with the classic move. Stand with feet slightly wider than hip-distance apart and hands in front. Squat until thighs are parallel to the floor; return to starting position and repeat for 20 reps. You can also try some squat variations or a 30-day squat challenge!

Speed Skaters:

Stand on left foot with a slightly bend left knee; the right foot will be slightly off the floor. Lower body toward the floor, then explode to the right by jumping off left leg. Land on right foot, bringing left foot behind right. At the same time, reach toward the outside of right foot with left hand. Reverse the movement, landing on left foot. Do 20 reps.


ashley graham burpees

Ashley Graham workouts include high-intensity reps, burpees are the ultimate HIIT move. Stand with feet hip-width apart, bending knees to lower hands to the floor. Jump both feet back into a plank. Maintain a straight spine and keep abs engaged. Next, do a pushup and jump feet back up toward hands and then jump into the air, extending arms overhead. Do 20 reps.


ashley graham lunges

Begin with feet hip-width apart and hands on your hips. Step forward with right leg and slowly lower body until right knee is bent at least 90 degrees. Push back to the starting position and repeat with left leg. Do 20 reps.

Side Lunge:

ashley graham side lunge

Start in the same stance as the lunge. Keep the gaze forward and engage muscles to maintain tight abs. Take a big step to the left with left foot, bending left knee 90 degrees, keeping right leg extended. Push through the heel of left foot to return to standing. Repeat on your right side. That’s one rep. Do 20 reps.

Sumo Squat:

ashley graham sumo squat

Stand with your feet approximately double the width of shoulders. Toes are slightly turned out, holding one heavy dumbbell in each hand. Brace abs and lower body as far down as you can by pushing hips back and bending knees. Pause, then slowly push back up to starting position. Do 20 reps.

Ball Smash:

ashley graham ball smash

Hold a medicine ball with knees slightly bent and legs hip width apart. Raise the ball until it’s straight overhead. Using your core muscles, bring torso and arms downward to slam the ball into the ground about two feet in front of you. In the finish position, the torso should be parallel to the ground and arms behind you. Retrieve ball and do 20 reps.

Body Ball Burpee:

Hold either a medicine or Bosu ball, standing with feet hip width apart, then bend  knees to lower ball to the floor. Jump both feet back into a plank, stabilizing yourself on top of the ball. Keep abs engaged and the spine straight. Do a pushup.Jump feet back up to hands. As you stand up, jump into the air and clap your hands overhead. Do 20 reps.


ashley graham crawl exercise

Start in a forearm plank. Keeping back flat, straighten right arm and place palm flat on the floor, directly under shoulder. Then, repeat with left arm until you’re in a pushup position. Reverse the movement, lowering back onto right forearm and then onto left, to return to start. Repeat, rising onto left hand first; continue alternating for 15 reps on each hand.


ashley graham jackknife

Lie face-up on floor, arms and legs straight. Brace core, then simultaneously lift torso and left leg as you bring the ball toward left foot. Lower body back to the starting position and repeat on the opposite side. Do 25 reps.


ashley graham scissors

Lie face-up on the floor, arms at the sides, extending both legs toward the ceiling, toes slightly pointed. In one motion, brace core, lift head and shoulders off the ground, bringing one leg toward the face. Grasp the leg with both hands and lower the other leg toward the floor (forming a V with legs). Slowly return to start, then repeat with alternate legs. Do 35 reps.

Side Plank:

ashley graham side plank

Lie on the left side with legs straight and the right leg stacked on top of the left.The weight will rest on left forearm and the outside edge of the left foot. The elbow should be directly below the shoulder; the upper arm should be perpendicular to the floor. Align the body so that it forms a straight line from neck to ankles. Place right hand on the hip. Hold for 30 seconds, then switch sides and repeat. In love with planks? Try our 30-day plank challenge!

Triceps Extension:

ashley graham triceps extension

Hold a dumbbell head with both hands and lift the weight overhead, arms straight, feet hip-width apart. Keep the upper arms still, bending elbows to lower the weight slowly back behind the head. Pause, then straighten arms, returning to start. Do 20 reps. Need some tricep inso? Look at these 30 women with some serious guns!

Triceps Kickback:

ashley graham triceps kickback

Stand with knees bent and lean forward slightly, holding a dumbbell in each hand. Bend right elbow to lower the dumbbell to the side, making your upper arm parallel to the floor. Press the dumbbell back, straightening the arm and return arm to the bent position. Do 20 reps on each side.

Dumbbell Biceps Curl:

ashley graham dumbbell biceps curl

Hold a pair of dumbbells at your sides, palms facing forward. Keep the back straight and chest up. Without moving upper arms, bend elbows and curl the weights toward shoulders. Slowly lower the weights back to the starting position, straightening your arms completely. Do 20 reps.

Dumbbell Chest Fly:

ashley graham dumbbell chest fly

Lie back on bench holding dumbbells at the chest, palms facing each other. Push weights straight up. Open arms wide, lowering weights out to the sides and slightly back, until upper arms are nearly parallel to the floor. Reverse the move back to the center and complete 20 reps.

Dumbbell Bench Press:

ashley graham dumbbell bench press

Lie back on a flat bench, letting elbows and shoulders drop. Hold a dumbbell in each hand on either side of the chest. Lift both weights at the same pace, pushing them straight up until arms are fully extended. Hold for 1 second, then return to start and repeat 20 times.

Bent-Over Row:

Grab dumbbells and stand with feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent. With arms at sides, bend over from the hips until the back is almost parallel to the floor. Pull the dumbbells up, squeezing shoulder blades together. Pause, then lower the weights for 20 reps.

Lat Pulldown:

ashley graham lat pulldown

Sit at a lat-pulldown station and grab the bar with a shoulder-width overhand grip, arms straight and torso upright. Without moving the torso, pull the bar down to the height of the chest as you squeeze shoulder blades together. Pause, then slowly return to start 20 times.

Lateral Raises:

ashley graham lateral raises for weight loss

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart with a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing in, arms in front with elbows slightly bend. Raise arms until parallel to the floor. Slowly return to starting position and complete 20 reps.

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