51 Perfectly Timed Sports Photos #36 Will Leave You Gasping

51 Perfectly Timed Sports Photos (#36 Will Leave You Gasping)


Get ready to say OMG and (ROTFL) because we’ve got LOL moments with these PTFS (Perfectly Timed Sports Photos)!

In the heat of competition anything can happen … as you’ll soon see. The camera captures all, forever preserving the thrill of victory or the crushing agony of defeat!

When HD video came out we all pretty much lost our minds over the amazing detail and incredible visuals we could enjoy in our own home. It was basically theater quality and we loved it! Well, not only did the picture get better, but the cameras themselves did also. With high-speed stop-motion, cameras began capturing every single moment — every hair out of place, every slip of a top, and every magical moment from sport’s greatest spectacles.

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