Alternative Workouts You Need To Know About

Alternative Workouts You Need To Know About

Whether you’re vacation-bound, traveling for business, or visiting out-of-town friends, it’s so easy to lose your workout momentum. Hotel gyms can be boring and lacking. You don’t feel like lugging all your exercise DVDs…and who knows how accessible a DVD player is going to be even if you do. There are a million excuses. But there are also some out-of-the-box solutions.

A big kids workout

workout alternative

When was the last time you hit up a playground? You’re likely to find one if you’re near a park, and things like slides, monkey bars, tunnels and even the surrounding fence can be your new best friend – or worst enemy when soreness kicks in the next day! Get through a tunnel by practicing army crawls or low lunges. Work your abs at the slide by laying on your back and lifting your legs at an angle against the base. Now you’re well positioned for some sit ups. Put your upper body to the test at the monkey bars by holding yourself up mid air and see how long you can remain there. Or, just use a fence. With your hands on the ground, kick your feet up to the top of the fence and walk your hands in as much as possible. Next, move your body from side to side, taking at least ten steps with your hands each way.

Pack on the weight

pack on the weight

Yes, you read that correctly! If you’re looking to make a run a little more interesting, ensure an empty backpack makes its way into your suitcase. Not only does it provide you with extra storage, but it’s also perfect for holding extra weight while you run. Toss in some soup cans, strap on your pack, and head out. Or if you’re near a beach, ask for a garbage bag and load it up with sand.

Get roped in

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Purchase and pack the strongest rope you can find ahead of time, then borrow the spare tire from your rental car or the friend you’re visiting. Carefully tie the rope around the tire and begin dragging it outside. Brownie points if you have an extra long one to wrap around you and run with. Want to up the ante? Add some extra weight to the inside of the tire. Any items you can find will do, so long as you don’t mind them getting dirty. If you’re up for an even bigger challenge, ask someone to sit on the tire and try pulling it toward you.

Remember, a traditional workout isn’t necessary in order to be effective. Sometimes all it takes is a little creativity, motivation, and determination to be stronger than your excuses.

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