Add Beyonce's Lemonade to Every Workout

Add Beyonce’s Lemonade to Every Workout

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past month, Beyonce finally released her visual album, Lemonade.

Spoiler alert: It’s extremely emotional, to say the least, and, maybe it’s the girl power aspect, but I find songs about infidelity to be extra motivation during a workout. (Or maybe I have a slight obsession with Beyonce, but hey, whatever works.) I’ve listened to the album while studying, driving, and just recently went on a run with it blasting through my earbuds. I’ll admit, not every song was fit for a run, but every song can be incorporated into your Beyonce dance workout, Beyhive membership not included.

If you have the chance, we highly recommend you to head over to DivaDance, where you and your squad can learn a choreographed Beyonce dance. (Yes, we tried it and everyone can do it!)

For those who want to have a little bit of B mixed in with their workout here’s our recommendations:

Pray You Catch Me

Beyonce dance workout

Vibe: Preparing for a long, intimate workout, this song is just the tip of the iceberg.

Workout: The first 33 seconds calmly builds up suspense, so the song could be the beginning of a jog or part of a yoga session.

Hold Up

Vibe: So confident that you’re laughing at the idea of squats.

Workout: Bey drags out the words in the chorus, so it’s perfect for a form-focused workout like weight day.

Hurt Yourself

Beyonce dance workout

Vibe: Fired up and ready for a jam session.

Workout: Pull out the ole jump rope. The first 1:29 of the song is a build up (and includes verse one), so stay at a steady medium-pace jump. During the chorus, beginning with “Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be baby,” jump rope as fast as you can. Don’t quit until Jack White says, “Don’t hurt yourself” one last time (really though, jump ropes can be dangerous). Repeat the process starting with the second verse.


Vibe: Beyonce isn’t sorry, and neither are you. Burnt out with your routine and in need of a Beyonce dance workout.

Workout: A great workout if you let yourself go. Dance, jump on a mini trampoline, or get crazy and dance on the trampoline. Let the music tell you what to do, and if there’s a problem, just say, “Stop interruptin’ my grindin.”

6 Inch

Beyonce dance workout

Vibe: Covered in sweat, you own the workout, but feel sexy at the same time.

Workout: It has at least three different speeds, so it’s great for cycling or a spin class. Keep the bike’s resistance high or in “mountain climbing” mode for two choruses, riding at a low to moderate pace. When the beat drops with the second verse, pick up the pace, decreasing resistance as needed. During the third chorus, slow down to prepare yourself for the bridge. Beginning with “Stars in her eyes,” bike as fast as you can (approximately one minute of high intensity exercise). Then, for the last chorus, slow down to a moderate to low pace.

Daddy Lessons

Vibe: Different from Beyonce’s usual style, this song has the country twang for an off roader.

Workout: Go for a run at Ivy Park. A leisurely to moderate pace is best for this song, not exactly sprint material.

Love Drought

Beyonce dance workout

Vibe: You like to work out in slow motion, but still love to feel the burn.

Workout: Just right for power yoga or a fast-paced yoga sequence. The chorus, “You and me could move a mountain,” is mountain pose perfection.


Beyonce dance workout

Vibe: You are satisfied and the workout is over.

Workout: Beyonce still has a few strong words left in the first verse, so keep this song at the beginning of a cool down. Stretch it out to this song, then check out “Forward.”


Vibe: Feeling chill, you are ready to meditate.

Workout: This song is for yoga-style stretches, where you hold poses for longer periods of time (30 seconds to a few minutes).  


Beyonce dance workout

Vibe: Since you never saw Rocky, the epic run feeling never resonated with you, but this song will change your mind.

Workout: The organ is funky enough to keep up the pace for a 5K, Kendrick Lamar slams you with lyrics that push you harder, and, in case you feel like slacking in the end, Bey says, “I’ma keep running ‘cause a winner don’t quit on themselves.” You can’t give up if Beyonce is cheering you on!

All Night

Beyonce dance workout

Vibe: So elegant, in your fantasy life, you’re the principal dancer in the ballet.

Workout: Just the right pace to knock out some plie squats in barre.


Beyonce dance workout

Vibe: Ready to slay, because you have co-ord-in-ation.

Workout: Fun for any high intensity class. Alternate between regular lunges and scissor lunges, slowing down and speeding up with the song’s beat.

You just downed a tall glass of Lemonade, now get some water to rehydrate.  

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