This 17-Year Old Did Over 7000 Pull-Ups in One Day

This 17-Year Old Did Over 7000 Pull-Ups in One Day

The truth is, both men and women often struggle to do pull-ups. And while you may be thinking that you see people doing pull ups at the gym all the time, the truth is the hardest part of doing a pull up is maintaining the right form.

Well If you’re looking to take notes on proper technique look no further than the newest Guinness world record holder, Andrew Shapiro. The 17-year-old spent one day (yes, 24 hours) shattering three major pull up records, including the most pull ups in 24 hours.

Andrew Shapiro Most Pull Ups in 24 Hours

Shapiro began his pull up marathon early in the morning at 8 a.m. Within six hours, the high school junior completed a whopping 3,515 pull-ups which was a new world record. By hour 12 he had finished 5,742 pull-ups, shattering a second world record. But he didn’t stop there. Continuing pull-ups for another 12 hours he set his sights on one final record. Shapiro wanted to complete the most pull ups in 24 hours.

The number that Shapiro was trying to beat? Czech Republic athlete, Jan Kares’ pull ups totaled a cool 6,800 when the record was set in 2015.

With plenty of time to spare, at the 15-hour mark Shapiro matched the previous 24-hour record. By hour 18, he took his final pull up and marked a new record of 7,306 pull ups, the most pull ups in a day.

Throughout the record-breaking performance, Shapiro was monitored by judges to check in on form and time.

Finally, he had a video camera set up to document the whole thing. And while we wouldn’t suggest you sit and watch all 18-hours, take a look at the final few minutes of Shapiro’s record-breaking performance plus the relief and excitement on his face when he completes that final pull-up and the completion of world record pull ups in a day.

And while we don’t expect you to go to the gym and magically be able to do hundreds of pull-ups after reading this (or even a couple of pull-ups for that matter).  They are a great bodyweight workout and definitely worth the practice.  Hey, Andrew….you think you could give us a few pointers?

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