Vegetarian Diet Plan - Before & After Photos with Results

Vegetarian Diet Plan – Weight Loss Results Before and After Reviews

It is likely that the vast majority of our very early ancestors were vegetarians. The farming-gathering culture thrived on making use of the food provided by surrounding plants and possibly animal products like milk and eggs.

Ready to Go?

The human body does not actually need meat to survive and thrive. The USDA’s ChooseMyPlate, for example, specifies protein as a major food group – but we can get protein from more than just meat products. There are plenty of vegetables that can serve as complete protein sources, which is why we haven’t always relied on killing animals for food.

Vegetarian diet plans really aren’t all that complicated when you break them down. As long as you are willing to eat a variety of plant based foods and commit to some major dietary lifestyle changes, you might even find you feel better once meat is out of the equation.

Let’s look closer at the benefits and possible risks of the vegetarian diet, as well as some sample menus and grocery shopping lists to show you how easy it can be to eat a diet mostly made up of plants and dairy products.

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