23 Thoughts That Go Through Your Head During Your First Spin Class

23 Thoughts That Go Through Your Head During Your First Spin Class

There seems to be two types of exercisers: those that prefer riding solo, and those that can only get motivated by surrounding themselves with a group of people. Many of us dabble between the two, trying to figure out if we like people, or we don’t, and how worth it it is to enhance our workouts. If you’re the seemingly social type who likes a challenge every now and again, you might find yourself trying out a plethora of group fitness classes to find the one that you jive with most. So when a friend says let’s go to a spin class, you reluctantly or excitedly oblige and prepare to be the newbie in a room full of fiercely fit and overly giddy riders.

Spinning is an indoor cycling class that involves jumps, climbs and sprints on a stationary bike, and it’s taken fitness fanatics by storm, becoming incredibly popular at pretty much every local gym, and taking form as single studio commodity at that. It’s safe to say it has a bit of a cult following for its ability to pump you up while kicking your butt. And while after a few times you’re sure to feel like a pro, it’s that initial experience that proves the most memorable.

Here are 23 thoughts that will likely go through your head during your first spin class:

1. Why are there so many people in here?


And they’re all hugging. And smiling. And wearing the same thing.

2. Special shoes? This is going to be serious.


3. But … how do I even get on this bike?

4. OK, that wasn’t so hard. Let’s do this.


5. OMG, I love this song.

I could seriously ride this bike for hours, just keep playing good jams.

6. Turn the knob? What knob?

7. This is SO easy, why is everyone pedaling so slow? Amateurs.


8. OHHHHH. I turned the knob the wrong way.

9. Let go of the handlebars? I can’t. That’s not happening.

10. I’m going to fall off this bike.

Can someone else please put their hands back on the handlebars so I don’t look like a failure?

11. I’m doing it! I’m doing it! I’m so good at this.

12. Wait, that was just the warmup?

12. Stand up and jump? Are you serious? I’m staying put.

13. OK, OK, stop yelling at me I’ll get up.

14. This hurts my legs. Why does no one else look in pain?!


15. Wow, my butt is NUMB.

I’m literally not going to be able to sit down tomorrow.

16. Increase the resistance more?


17. Maybe if I just hover my hand over the resistance it will look like I’m increasing it.


18. Dude next to me totally caught that, fine, I’m turning the dang knob.

19. Why did no one tell me to bring a towel. I can’t even see.

20. This is death.


21. Wait, we’re cooling down?


22. That wasn’t so bad.

23. I’m getting pizza. I deserve it.image12


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