The Thigh Toner Workout

The Thigh Toner Workout

Is it just me or does it seem like the shorts we wear in the day are getting shorter and the dresses and skirts we wear at night are getting slimmer and slimmer? From slits up to your hips and denim (booty) shorts to sheer all around, our attire is being geared towards showing off those fabulous legs more than ever before. This thigh toner workout may be quick but it will leave your muscles happy, your legs tightened up, and you feeling like your sexiest self. Go get em’, babe!

Complete 15 reps of each move and 3 sets of the full circuit.

Outer Thighs (Abductor)


  1. Lay on your side, propping your upper body upright using your forearm.
  2. Squeeze your thigh muscles and lift your top leg about as high as your head. You’ll loose the muscle contraction if you over extend making it less effective, so don’t kick too high!

Inner Thighs (Adductor)  


  1. Laying flat on the right side of your body, bring your top leg over the bottom, holding it with your left hand. Use your right hand to support your head.
  2. Engaging your thigh muscles as hard as you can, lift your bottom leg up and down. Repeat on the opposite side.

Crunch Kick  


  1. Start by laying on your back, upper body propped with both elbows and one leg bent.
  2. Kick the straight leg up and down from as high as you can get it to just above the ground.

Scissor Cross   


  1. While on your back, lift both legs and cross them. Try to aim for as close to a 90 degree angle as you can get.
  2. Uncross and lower your legs, bringing them further apart as they go down making a V shape.
  3. Lift back up, this time crossing the opposite direction.

Pulsing Plié Squats


  1. Stand straight, arms in front of you, legs a little over shoulder width apart, feet pointing 45 degrees, and balancing on your tip-toes. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to keep your back straight and core tight to help with balance.
  2. Bounce or “pulse” down to a half squat and back up through the set.

Better call the tailor and raise the hem on your favorite LBD, you’re going to want to show those legs off in no time! I’d love to see the results or get your feedback so don’t forget to #FitnessGoals in all your photos!

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