Pigeon Yoga Pose Photos and Kapotasana Video Tips for Beginners

Pigeon Yoga Pose Photos and Kapotasana Video Tips for Beginners

Pigeon pose, known as kapotasana in Sanskrit, is a hip opener that both increases the external rotation of the hips and lengthens the hip flexors. Hailed as the king of hip openers, this rotating pose releases tension in the hips and increases range of motion in the legs.

Kapotasana yoga pose with woman sitting on rooftop

Pigeon Yoga Pose

Tips, Photos and Videos for Beginners


Pigeon pose lengthens the hip rotators (internal and external) and the hip flexors for all around flexible, open hips. It’s one of the most comprehensive and effective cures for tight hips. The pose improves pelvic alignment, relieves lower back and sciatica pain, prevents pulled groin muscles, and has a positive effect on overall agility.

Traditionally, the pose is thought to stimulate circulation in the urinary, digestive, and reproductive systems for healthy organs. Because the pose releases tension in the hips, it’s also linked particularly to sexual wellbeing.

Do not attempt pigeon pose if you have:

  • A sacroiliac injury
  • An ankle injury
  • A knee injury


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