Best Female Back Workout - Scultping Exercises for Women

30 Women with a Perfect Back – Workout Motivation – How to Get a Strong, Beautiful Back

A beautifully toned back can not only make you look like a sexy goddess, but it can improve your posture, eliminate back pain, and give you the strength you need to finally do pull-ups. Most women tend to focus on their butt, legs, and abs at the gym. But, there is something sexy about a toned back in a strapless dress. Just ask Cameron Diaz or Jessica Biel. Those girls rock strapless dresses on the red carpet!

Best Workouts for Women: Good Routines, Great Results

If you’re tired of back fat and back pain, it’s time to get a muscular, toned back that will make you stand up straighter in pride. This upper-body program will help you achieve a sexy muscular back quickly.

How to Get a Toned Back

Your back is comprised of numerous large and small muscles, but for this exercise program, we are dividing it into four groups: the upper and outer lats, the lower lats, the middle back, and the lower back. Each exercise will focus on one or more muscle groups to give you that beautifully toned back.

If you want to show off your toned back muscles, you need to reduce your body fat percentage. Women by nature have more body fat than men. You can chalk that up to hormones. Most women don’t begin to show any muscle definition until their body fat percentage is between 16 and 20%.

To drop body fat, you’re going to have to change your diet. Focus on eating a well-rounded healthy diet filled with lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, and complex carbohydrates. Since you’re going to be working your back muscles hard, you will need more protein to aid in the recovery and growth of new muscle cells. You should aim to eat about 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight per day.

Expert Tip: A high-quality protein shake can help you reach your protein goals. Choose one that is low in sugar and high in protein and BCAAs.

Exercises to Get a Beautiful, Toned Back

Get ready to hit the gym hard to blast away fat and earn that fabulous back. The best way to develop your back muscles is with good old strength training. Weights are your new best friend. To make this easy, we’re going to break the exercises down by muscle groups.

Upper and Outer Lats

The best exercises to work your upper and outer lats involve a wide grip that develops the sexy “V” in your back. The best exercises include:

*Use a pull-up machine or rubber band if you can’t do a fully weighted one.

Lower Lats

To best work your lower lats, use close-grip or reverse-grip exercises, like the following:
Lower Lats

Middle Back

Rowing exercises are the best exercises to really work your middle back. The best exercises are:

Lower Back

A strong lower back can improve your posture and reduce back pain. Remember to bend at your waist and not at your hips, as hip bending will work your glutes and hamstrings and not your back. The best exercises to work your lower back include:

Choose one exercise from each of these muscle groups for your workout. Do three sets of 12 reps of each exercise. Feel free to change up the exercises during the week so you don’t get bored. Aim for 2-3 workouts each week. Don’t forget to stretch out your back with happy baby pose when ever you feel tight! Before you know it, you’ll have a killer back that will be the envy of the town.

Expert Tip: Remember to squeeze your shoulder blades together during these exercises to really work your lats.

12-Week Perfect Back Workout

perfect back 1-4

perfect back 5-8

perfect back 9-12


Perfect Female Backs: Exercise Motivation and Inspiration

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