10 Badass Female Athletes to Follow on Instagram

10 Badass Female Athletes to Follow on Instagram

Nothing is more inspiring than seeing one of your favorite athletes rocking it in an Instagram photo. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms around the world. Not only is it open to anyone with a smartphone, but so many celebrities and athletes have embraced the technology to share snippets of their lives.

With literally millions of users how do you find the best people to follow? Personally I love following female athletes, especially ones that are breaking the mold. I’m talking about the mountain climbers, skiers, and football players. Yes, female football players! Here’s a few of my favorites.

1. Angela Rypein – Football

Angela Rypein

Angela is the star quarterback of the Seattle Mist in the Legends Football League, an all-female football league. Rypein is the daughter of Mark Rypien, a former Super Bowl MVP who played for the Washington Redskins, so you know football is in Angela’s blood. When not playing football she is an entrepreneur and just all around badass beauty.

2. Serena Williams – Tennis

Serena Williams

I mean… come on. Serena is the definition of a badass woman. Boasting over 4.5 million followers, her ‘gram is filled with photos of her killing it on the court and behind the scenes looks at her everyday life. She also loves posting inspirational quotes and funny memes. This lady has some personality.

3. Jessamyn Stanley – Yogi

Jessamyn Stanley

Not all athletes have to be professional athletes. Jessamyn doesn’t fit the typical mold of an athlete, but she is one badass lady. She has self-declared herself to be “fat femme.” While she might not look like your typical yogi, she can sure as heck make your handstand look like child’s play. Make sure you follow along with this incredibly beautiful athlete.

4. Misty Copeland – Ballet Dancer

Misty Copeland

Last year Misty Copeland made history by becoming the first African American to become a principal dancer at the American Ballet Theater. Misty’s Instagram is filled with mouth-dropping photos of her in amazing dance poses. I never knew people could bend like that!

5. Melissa Arnot – Mountain Climber

Melissa Arnot

Hailing from Montana, Melissa has climbed to the top of Mount Everest 5 times now with the hopes of number 6 soon. When she’s not guiding people up mountains or rescuing people in the backcountry, she is running The Juniper Fund to support local mountain workers and their families. Her Instagram is filled with beautiful mountain and nature scenes. How many people can you say have climbed Everest?

6. Lindsey Vonn – Skier

Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn is an Olympic gold medal skier who has also won four World Cup championships. Unfortunately, she has been injured in the past few years, but she still keeps herself busy in the gym and in life. Follow Instagram for glimpses of her cute pups, workout sessions, and ski pics.

7. Lakey Peterson – Surfer

Lakey Peterson

Lakey Peterson is ranked one of the best pro surfers in the world. She’s famous for landing the first ever aerial in the NSSA women’s competition in 2009. You’ll see plenty of surfing, food, and everyday life pictures on this 21-year-old’s Instagram feed. And you’ll be booking your next vacation in California in no time.

8. Michelle Wie – Golfer

Michelle Wie

Michelle Wie is a 26-year-old Korean American female professional golfer. At age 10 she became the youngest golfer ever to qualify for a USGA amateur championship. She became a full fledged professional golfer just before her 16th birthday. Her Instagram is filled with golf, fashion, and her cuddly pups.

9. Desiree Morgan Clayborn – Powerlifter

Desiree Morgan Clayborn

Desiree is not only a badass powerlifter and coach, but she also competes in the Highland Games and loves the outdoors. Her Insta is full of training  and competition videos and pics as well as her personal shenanigans. You definitely need to give her feed a once over.

10. Miesha Tate – Mixed Martial Artists

Miesha Tate

Don’t mess with this little lady. Miesha is an American mixed martial artist and past UFC Bantamweight Champion. She knows how to throw a good punch. Check out her feed for some fighting pics and other stuff like fashion, travel, and funny memes.
That’s a few of my favorite badass female athletes on Instagram. Now it’s time to share yours!

Here are a few more butt-kicking women for a little extra inspiration.

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